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Main Ways of Catching Home Fashion

Once look at the pictures in the interior design magazines, and everything looks so absolutely stunning. Every surface is perfect; there are no folds, wrinkles, stains on the metallic parts. Everyone can get plenty of inspiration from them or the Internet, but when trying to turn them into reality, most of the times it came out with a big disappointment because the result won’t be similar to what we wanted to achieve without the existence of superhydrophobic coatings.

What is the reason people fail to recreate the perfect contemporary style that is so surrounded by glamor in these pictures?

It is true that in some cases it is the placement and photo retouching that is selling that particular style, and some people might fall into the trap of buying home interior design items without considering the space available to place them in. But in a vast majority of cases, it is just a question of the surfaces not looking polished enough like in the posters or artworks.

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If your wood floors have dents in them because your children are playing ball in the living room or your dog has scratched the leather sofa, it will be close to impossible to achieve the stunning home decor look. When it comes to putting together and maintaining the perfect contemporary style for your home, prevention and protection of the surfaces and objects is the key. The beauty of your home needs care and attention, just like the beauty of a woman. If you use creams and potions to sustain that perfect complexion and to keep wrinkles away from your eyes, then you need some miracle potions in practice.

How impressive is this?

Luckily, nowadays there are such things as miraculous solutions that help you achieve and maintain the beauty of the fabrics, the shine of the metallic elements and the integrity of the wood floors. There is even a solution to prevent hard water stains on your ceramic and glass surfaces by home nano protection.


More than this, now you can say goodbye to Cinderella- like cleaning sessions from dawn until dusk because the home surface protection products with nano coatings from Nasiol make cleaning your house look like a pleasurable walk in the park.

So if you thought that you need an interior decorator to create the contemporary style in your home, now you can reconsider things. You can also forget about getting an expensive cleaning company to make your windows look like new again. The waterproof nano sprays are more affordable, available and accessible for everyone. In other words, the nano coating products work so you can enjoy having a beautiful, fashionable home that will make your guests jealous.

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Now you can create an impressive contemporary design in your home without having to be very careful with the items you choose or the colors for them. If you prefer warm colors, the ultimate textile protection will keep them safe from stains, water damage and color modifications due to the substances in regular cleaning products. If you prefer glass walls in the bathroom, now you can have them without having to worry about the hard water stains with the help of glass nano coating.

The Innovative Solution In Home Design

The eclectic style is probably the best solution when it comes to home décor, mostly because it is perfectly adaptable to any type of room. This style represents what looks like a chaotic blend of multiple home décor styles, and it is an innovative choice for people who find it difficult to settle for just one style for their home.

The eclectic word comes from Greek, and it means “selection” – keep this in mind as its signification determines the style’s direction. If we take the time to analyze an eclectic interior design, we will notice that it combines the multiple features, usually the best elements from other styles.

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The decorative elements that can be used in this type of decoration are varied. Considering the characteristics of this décor style, you can choose in between vases, paintings, photo frames, sculptures, mirrors and so on. Let’s not forget about the illumination, the light is very important, and it can significantly change the image of the décor. You can choose big crystal chandeliers that will create an interesting play of light on the walls and the ceiling or lamps with irregular shapes. For decorating the windows, heavy curtains with fringes are a good choice.

One Step Further?

The eclectic interior design is the ideal trend for people with an independent and free perspective over the surrounding world, as well as for people who appreciate rare and unique things are not willing to part with them just because they don’t fit in a particular decorating style. In most cases, it will be these items of furniture and decoration that will bring a modern and special air to the home.

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But how do you keep your home looking fashionable and accentuate all the unique elements of décor? With time, the furniture, fabrics, wood and even ceramics used for interior design tend to get that shabby look that doesn’t look so appealing. The only efficient method to maintain your home interior in the condition it was, in the beginning, is to protect it with nano coating products. The Home Care Set Nano Protection for wood, glass, and textiles is a great choice. Not only that your interior decorations will look like new for longer, but your guests will also be amazed at your impeccable taste and cleaning skills. 

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The eclectic interior style is perfect for people with children because it can accommodate the taste of all the family. However, there is just one downside to it. A home with children (especially small children) and pets usually looks clean only minutes after the cleaning was over. More than this, your precious decorative items can be damaged beyond repair by something as simple and small as an oil stain (and we all know how kids always have something on their hands). In other words, when you are using the nano coating products for home interior from Nasiol, not only that you are reducing the amount of time needed for cleaning, but you are also making an investment in your home because it will look better for longer.

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