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Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars – Facts and Myths in 2020

Nowadays, YouTube is staffed with videos where people throw a bucket of mud on the car’s windshield and hood previously covered with car nano ceramic coating.

The liquid dirt drips from the glass and paint surface and doesn’t leave spots or stains.

A smiling man in the frame gives a thumbs up and says that it’s not magic, it’s nano ceramic coating. Someone watches the video and exclaims, “This is cool, I would like this for my car too.” Another watches such a video with a lot of skepticism, thinking that it’s a montage.

Which of them is right?

Let’s figure out if these videos are truthful or if these are quality montages.

We, as creators and producers of ceramic coating, know all about this product and will share this knowledge with you. Let’s start with the obvious question: “What is car nano ceramic coating, and how does it work?”

Ceramic Coating as a Car Paint Protection

Imagine that you cover vehicles with a very thin second skin, which is invisible to human eyes due to microscopic nano coating particles.

When you use car paint protection products you seal the pores of the glass or paint surface. Water and mud particles are too large in comparison with nano ceramic coating for cars, and they can’t catch a new layer and slide down.

Thus, most of the videos you watch are possibly the truth. Nano ceramic coating makes the surface hydrophobic (water-repellent), protects from UV rays, chemicals, and even other paint (anti-vandal protection).


Anti Scratch Nano Ceramic Coating

Possibly, you watched the video where people scratch their car using keys and don’t leave any scratch marks.

If this is an advertisement for vehicle ceramic coating, never buy this product as these people are lying and exaggerating the protection properties of nano coating.

The 9H nano ceramic coating provides some protection. However, it helps against small pieces of gravel.

If you catch a decent-sized rock or vandals attack your car, the nano paint shield will not be able to protect from damage.


Nano Ceramic Coating Maintenance

People think if they use car nano coating, it doesn’t need any maintenance at all.

Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Due to nano coating, a car becomes dirty much more slowly, and you can quickly clean it up, but it doesn't give full protection from mud, and does not exempt one from the need to wash the car.

Nano ceramic coating is not permanent. It’s a very durable substance that will serve 2–3 years. However, its lifetime depends mostly on how you maintain it.


Is Ceramic Coating for Cars Easily Applied?

Yes and no, the covering process is not complicated and doesn’t require high professional skills.

The challenge is preparing the car’s surfaces for coating.

A car should be washed and not have any damage or scratches.

Before applying nano ceramic coating, make sure that it isn’t dusty or wet.



Is nano coating useful? Definitely, yes.

Taking into account the affordable price of nano ceramic coating, you get powerful protection from water and mud, quite decent protection from scratches, and it saves money on car washing services.

A disadvantage is a complex process of preparing a car for coating. However, in comparison with its many advantages, it plays no role.

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