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What Are The Main Benefits of Rain Repellents?

Here at Nasiol, we love science and engineering because they make things work better, as well as saving us time and money.

We recently enjoyed YouTuber Engineering Explained’s surprising analysis of whether better tyres or twice the horsepower would win in a race (spoiler – it was tyres, by a margin!).

Sometimes the simplest change can make a dramatic difference in how well your car performs – especially when it’s wet.

You know that when it rains your car can run into difficulty because the driver can’t see through the smeary distorted haze the rain and the wipers made of the windscreen.

Whether it’s a simple shower or a prolonged deluge, your windscreen becomes a hazard.

Of course, you can and should use windscreen wipers, but these aren’t always effective.

Better rubber on your tyres equals win. Is it a better rubber on your wipers that you need?

Actually, no. It’s much simpler and more satisfying than that.

The problem is that water wants to stick to the glass. It wants to stay around, gritty and dirty turning your wipers into windscreen grinders.

The answer to this grimy problem has been known to nature for millions of years.

Did you have a red leafed Poinsettia on display this Christmas?

Notice how water beads up and rolls off the leaves, and you just can’t wet them?

Now imagine a coating that makes your windscreen – in fact, all your glass – repel water that effectively.

So tough that one easy application lasts up to 2 years.

When driving at 30—40mph wind over the glass is enough to push beads of rainwater away without even turning the wipers on.

Some people avoid driving in such conditions, others don’t have a choice but to drive.

The overarching benefit of utilising rain repellent is that it makes you less reliant on luck to keep you safely making progress on the road.


Rain Repellent Products Allows for Safer Driving

Rain repellents create a protective armour over the glass of your windshield, allowing the rain to run naturally away instead of being erased scratchily by the wipers.

This means fewer streaks and scratches, longer-lasting wipers and more consistent visibility as you travel through difficult weather.

Keeping your view clear doesn’t only make your journey safer, it also gives you the confidence that you’re safer.

Real protection and psychological protection – a brilliant combination.

rain repellent

And when you come to resell your vehicle, crystal clear, scratch free glass will say buy.


Rain Repellency Promote Easier Cleaning

Just think of all that time your windscreen wipers spend each year whipping back and forth across your front and rear windscreens.

They leave marks behind them, tiny particles of grit stick in the rubber of the wiper blades scratching swirls that make oncoming lights glare, swamping your vision.

But if you’re not using your wipers as often, doesn’t that mean dirty glass? What if treating your windscreen with rain repellent could make your car windows easier to clean, even self-cleaning?

Think about it for a minute.

Rain is being beaded away from your windscreen by this microscopic coating designed to improve your visibility.

Hydrophobic coatings repel water – but dirt does not. Dirt sticks to the water droplets and is absorbed as they roll along, cleaning the glass surface without you lifting a finger.


Rain Repellent Products Are Resistant to Scratches

Look after your windscreen and your windscreen will look after you.

The best rain repellents on the market offer other protections along with water protection.

For instance, they can be dirt or scratch resistant, allowing this simple coating to look after you and your car at every turn.

It seems to be obvious, doesn’t it?

Protect your windscreen with rain repellent and rest secure in the knowledge that for up to two years your car is safer, better looking and more valuable as a result.

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