Tips to Keep Your Mobile Phone & Accessories Clean and Scratch-Free

In this day and age, smartphones play an undeniable role in our lives. Mainly due to the rhythm of the modern world, our phones have replaced many once-common objects such as calculators, notepads, books, and maps. Most of us also rely on phones and tablets to be able to maintain efficiency in our professional lives. Taking all of this into account, it’s not hard to see why protecting these devices from harm has become one of our top priorities.

Understandably, in the midst of all this hustle and bustle, we hardly find the time and energy to put into the care of our belongings. In theory, we know that we need to protect our valuables from impact, keep them away from dust and dirt, and even clean them regularly. However, we often neglect these processes in our daily lives.

So, what can you do to prevent your valuables from sustaining damage when you spill water all over your tablet, when you throw your sunglasses into your handbag, or when your smartphone becomes your kids’ favorite toy?

Prevention Comes First

With the simplest online search, you can come across countless pieces of advice on how to repair scratched screens. When it’s already too late, people turn to interesting methods that involve the use of—rather dubious—ingredients such as toothpaste and baking soda. Then again, you can always send in your phone for repair, get the scratched face of your watch changed, or buy a new pair of sunglasses; but it makes much more sense—especially for your finances—to keep scratches at bay before any damage occurs.

Are Phone Cases the Answer?

When you’re looking to protect your mobile phone from scratches and stains, it’s only natural that purchasing a phone case is the first thing that comes to mind. Offered in many different models ranging from silicone to genuine leather, the prices of these products can vary dramatically. Phone cases offer a little more practicality than phone covers do, and by opting for the former, you can avoid the added weight and bulkiness to some extent. However, with that option, you don’t get any protection for the screen itself. Similar ease-of-use issues also apply to phone bags and pouches.

As for personal accessories, there isn’t much protective gear on the market to begin with. Aside from regular eyeglass cases that don’t offer any protection during use, it’s hard to find products that are specifically designed to prevent damage to watches, glasses, and jewelry.

What About Screen Protectors? 

We’ve already mentioned that with the common products on the market, you end up sacrificing practicality and ease of use in order to get screen protection. Now, this brings us to the topic of screen protectors. These products—which can be made of a variety of substances ranging from tempered glass to silicone and from polyurethane to plastic—cover the screen of your phone or tablet with a relatively thick layer that feels different from the original screen of your device. Besides, especially the screen protectors that are made of plastic can easily get scratched, even by a fingernail.

On the other hand, screen protectors don’t receive rave reviews in regard to ease of application, either. If you’ve ever tried to install a screen protector yourself, you should be familiar with the frustration caused by the infamous air bubbles, or uneven corners.

So, with all these disadvantages of the immediate solutions available to you, how can you keep your mobile phone and accessories scratch-free and clean?

The Era of Anti-Scratch Nano Coating

Well, with the help of nanotechnology, of course!

Nano coating products—which are widely used both for industrial and personal purposes—provide your electronic devices and personal accessories with scratch-resistant and liquid-repellent properties that remain effective for up to a year following just one application.

Nasiol’s anti-scratch nano-coating product, PerShine, covers the treated surfaces with an invisible, transparent layer that protects them from small scratches, stains, dust, dirt, and liquids. Coming in a practical single-use vial, this incredibly thin nano-coating can easily be applied on the glass, metal, or plastic surfaces of your electronic devices such as phones, tablets, and computers, as well as your accessories such as watches, glasses, and jewelry; speeding up and simplifying their cleaning processes.

No matter what challenges your daily life poses to the wellbeing of your valuables, nanotechnology comes to the rescue with unparalleled coating solutions. While your phone shines brighter than ever with its spotless and scratch-free screen, your most precious accessories get to stay in excellent condition for good!

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