Water Resistant T-Shirts & Pants for Traveling Using Nasiol Coating

Nasiol team never stands still, and every day we think about how our products based on nanotechnologies can help people in different areas of life.

Today we will talk about one of the most exciting and pleasurable ways to spend free time and money—traveling.

However, we will avoid topics related to attractions, and will not discuss the advantages of hotels or airline companies.

We will discuss travel clothes and share a few tips and advice about how to prepare your clothes for traveling using a spray that provides waterproofing sprays for fabric.

Requirements for Travel Clothing

Nowadays, hundreds of brands and companies produce travel clothes, but at first glance, you may not notice a difference between a standard t-shirt and a t-shirt from the “travel clothing” shop, of course except a significant price difference.

Why are travel clothes such expensive? Let’s define its features and advantages:

  1. Durability
    Usually, quality travel clothing is made of durable fabric, so you can wear it even in harsh conditions.
  2. Anti-odor properties
    This point doesn’t require an explanation. If you travel with a backpack for a long distance, you understand how it’s essential, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to wash your clothes regularly.
  3. Lightweight
    During traveling, your bag is your wardrobe, and you will need to carry travel clothing on your back often. The less the weight of your things, the less load on your back.
  4. Comfort and breathable properties
    Also, it’s essential to know how your body feels in the travel clothes, because you may not have the opportunity to change your outfit often. So, you should take care that your clothing does not cause discomfort and profuse sweating.
  5. Water-resistant properties
    If you prefer scouting traveling, you can’t do without water-resistant t-shirts and pants, and socks. These things will make your expedition more comfortable and drier in the rainy and damp weather.

In most cases, the purchase of water-resistant pants and shirts can considerably flatten your pocket, but you have a more affordable alternative.

Use Nasiol nanospray, which will make your fabric waterproof, and your t-shirt will not differ from the brand water resistant t-shirt as regards water repellent properties.

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