Interior Car Detailing Before Traveling - Steps By Steps Guide

If you are going to travel in the car or you have to drive a few days in a row, you should create a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin.

A great way to do this is car interior cleaning. You can remove dust, shovel thresh and wrappers out of seats, clean seat upholstery, and make the car interior smell good.

You can use professional car washing interior services, but it can significantly empty your pockets.

Also, interior car detailing doesn’t need a particular skill, and you can efficiently deal with it yourself.

As usual, the Nasiol team will give you useful tips and advice.

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Where to Start Car Interior Cleaning

If a car wash is started from the top, then an interior car wash is better to start from the bottom.

Floor mats and carpets are a great place to start the whole cleaning process because they are the dirtiest elements.

Get the floor mats out and vigorously shake them.

Pay attention, if mats have deep grooves for water, accumulated dirt can hold on, and you will have to use a stiff brush.

After that, use your garden hose and wash out the rest of the dirt.

Attention: If you use a special cleaning product, be sure you water it enough. The unflushed soap layer can make the mat’s surface slippery.

Сar Washing Interior: Stage 1 – Seats

How to clean car interior, in particular, car seats? Everything depends on the material they are made of.

Leather Seats Cleaning

The best way to clean leather seats is to use a leather cleaning product.

Usually, it’s a spray, which you apply on the upholstery and wipes out with a towel.

After this, you should thoroughly remove the leftovers of the spray with a clean microfiber cloth.

Vinyl Seats Cleaning

Vinyl seats don’t require a lot of attention in comparison with leather analogs.

You can just spray a cleaner and wipe seats with a rag.

As in the case of the leather, you should dry vinyl using a clean microfiber cloth.

Be sure you don’t miss any place, a dried cleaning liquid can damage the material and leave stains.

Also, we recommend using the Nasiol Cabincare Hydrophobic nano coating spray for car seats.

This product is a nanotechnology coating that reliably protects seat upholstery from mud and water. One application allows you to forget about this problem for four months.

Fabric Seats Cleaning

On the market, you will find a vast variety of chemicals and products.

Depending on how dirty your seats are, you can buy a detergent that fits your needs.

However, you have a safer alternative, and it’s regular baking soda.

We have already written about its cleaning properties in previous posts.

Mix equal volumes of the soda and water.

Cover the seat upholstery with this mixture.

After a few hours, vacuum the seats.

In addition to cleaning, car fabric details will smell nice and fresh.

To protect seat upholstery, you can use the Nasiol nano coating spray. This special product makes fabric waterproof—even if you spill sugary drinks, it will not be a problem.

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Interior Car Detailing: Stage 2 – Windows and Mirrors

All you need is a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner.

Don't use any microfiber towel which you have already applied for other parts.

It should be a new one. But be attentive, not all glass parts are made from this material; some of them can be plastic. In this case, use an all-purpose cleaner.

If you have tinted windows, be sure that the cleaner which you are going to use will not be harmful to the tinting layer.

Also, the Nasiol team recommends using nano waterproof coating which protects glass surfaces from stains and prevents the formatting of the filthy and dust cover.

Final Word

You may ask why we did not talk about dashboards, door panels, and air vents during car interior cleaning.

Most of these elements are made from different types of plastic, and usually, people don't have any issues with their cleaning.

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