How to Make Ceramic Tile Shine and Keep It Clean for a Long Period

We recently realized that we wrote many posts about car paint and interior protection, marine surface protection, and wooden elements maintenance. However, we didn’t pay deserved attention to a material that is in every house.

What do you think this post will be about? A little hint—you will definitely find this material in your bathroom or kitchen. So, we will not keep you waiting; this post will be about cleaning ceramic tile. You will find a few necessary tips and advice in this post. Furthermore, we will explain in detail why ceramic coating is beneficial for the long life of your tile.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile—Basic Plan

If you have experience in this business, you already know this for sure, but it will be useful knowledge for people who are going to do it for the first time and don’t know where to start from.

  1. Start with gently brushing the tiles to remove any dirt that may scratch the finish. We don’t recommend to use vacuum cleaners, because of attachments that can damage the upper layer.
  2. Use a mild solution of non-acidic cleaner and pure water. You may wipe out the most stubborn stains with a cloth or non-metallic clearing pad.
  3. Clean the grouting of tiles. We recommend using an old toothbrush for this. It is practical, and you don’t have to throw money on a brush which you will use one time in a month.
  4. Always rinse the cleaner solution with warm water, and use a dry and clean rug to make ceramic tile shine. That’s all.

Now imagine that you could avoid the first four steps and immediately move to the last one. It’s absolutely real; you should only apply nano ceramic coating on the tiles in advance.

Ceramic coating Homeshine from Nasiol protects tile in bathroom and kitchen, making it resist the wear and damage of use, including lime, moss, fungus, and stains. Also, it gives ceramic surfaces a smooth, clean effect. The whole process of cleaning ceramic tile would include only the fourth step and take a few minutes.

You will find more information about ceramic coating Homeshine here.

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