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Why Keeping Marine Goods are so Important?

Sea & Sun

What could be more romantic than sailing the open sea feeling the timeless connection we share with nature’s majesty?

Being at one with the waves, wind, and sky.

Catching a ride on that untameable primal power, magically entering eternity’s realm to drift away from the day to daycares and worries, senses filled with the beauteous potency of each moment.

Your boat masters the waves, perfectly attuned to the water. Its form bends the awesome might of wind and wave, harnessing it to your will.


Rough & Tough

Boats were first carved with rough axes, simply burnt out logs or just collections of things that float lashed together with twine.

If a boat lasted the storm it was copied, if it sank it was not.

Their shape was honed over generations by the great designer the sea itself became at our request, swallowing its failures and carrying its successes high on the crest of a wave.

Gradually through countless iterations, trials, and tragedies the roughly hewn vessels of antiquity have become finely crafted sailing ships whose beauty and prowess we might take for granted.

Their rightness of form and function as natural and seemingly effortless as that of the marine life that follow their form through the oceans.

From native logs to split planks to fine carpentry, titanium, and carbon fiber.

Advancement hand in the hand of function and elegance is the glorious dance the sea leads us on.

We try – we succeed or fail – always learning, always improving, becoming one with the ways of the water.

anti moss

Preserve & Protect

Learning how to stay afloat is only half the story.

Water shapes as it flows. Iron, glass, wood found on the beach take on water’s flowing shapes, becoming finer and finer with each tide, merging with the sand.

On the Seastrand salt foams. Green life blooms slippery as it’s mother ocean.

At the smallest of scales, over months, eons, this is the sea’s most powerful force.

Over time nothing can resist its transformative power.

Again we learn how to work with nature, the materials, and techniques that preserve and protect, keeping the water out.

Advancement is the natural progression as we continue to refine our knowledge and work at smaller and smaller scales.

And now we can utilize technology at the molecular level giving us true mastery of the elements.

Water-based hydrophobic nanocoatings simply sprayed over wood, chromage, glass, fine fabrics, protect and seal against water ingress, ultraviolet light, salt staining, anti-fouling, algae and moulds.

Keeping your boat as beautiful and fresh as the sea that surrounds it means becoming ever closer to that timeless perfection, that oneness with creation itself.

No longer sacrificing comfort or quality for utility and resilience, guided by natural law and the properties of materials on the finest scales we can now make the smallest droplet flow to our design as do the waves flowing around the hull.


Over and away from our surface finishes, picking up and taking salt and dust staining along with it as it beads into balls and scoots across the repelling yacht nano protective finishes.  

Choosing only the toughest fibers and surface finishes is no longer necessary, we’ve moved on, moved closer to the true essence of the seas, our deeper understanding bringing us ever nearer to nature’s perfection.

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