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  • Cleaning a Boat Interior: How to Make This Process Easier and Faster

    vehicle leather interior

    How to Care for Leather Car Seats

    What material used for a car seat upholstery can look more luxurious than leather? The answer is evident that nothing else can. Even cheap leather looks better than any fabric upholstery, but it works on one condition. Leather is a noble material and claims special treatment.

    Summer Car Care Tips

    We wrote about after-winter checkup a few days ago. However, it’s almost summer outside, and our vehicle needs a set of additional checks for the hot season. The most harmful effect that summer brings is high temperature and UV rays.
    car interior

    Interior Car Detailing Before Traveling

    If you are going to travel in the car or you have to drive a few days in a row, you should create a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin. A great way to do this is car interior cleaning. You can remove dust, shovel thresh and wrappers out of seats, clean seat upholstery, and make the car interior smell good.

    How to Apply Ceramic Coating Correctly

    People often ask us how to apply ceramic coating to get the maximum level of car paint protection. We already gave many tips and advice about applying nano coating products in our previous posts, but they were fragmented.

    Royal Wedding All-electric Jaguar E-type

    Do you remember this excellent vintage car? It’s All-electric Jaguar E-Type in which Meghan and Harry left Windsor Castle in Windsor on May 19, 2018, after their wedding to attend an evening reception at Frogmore House. Now imagine how romantic and symbolic it would be if their son leaves his wedding venue in this car too.