Cleaning and Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

There is a perception that if the surface, this could be anything from a table to a tile flooring, is not susceptible to germs from growing because the surface is non-porous one.

Because of this misconception and lack of cleaning attention giving to hard surfaces, it is ever so important to pay extra attention to cleaning and to disinfect during these heighten days of Coronavirus.

The majority of us decide to clean hard surfaces only if there is a visible sign of dust and dirt is at present. However, that hard surface could potentially be housing potentially many different types of microorganisms that could be dangerous to your and loved one's health.

Take the kitchen counter as an example. You come from the store with grocery bags on hand and place them right on the counter. By the time those grocery bags and items end up on your kitchen counter, they have touched by a countless number of people and exposed to various unknown conditions. By placing the bags on to the counter and not cleaning them right after can potentially be an enormous health risk.

In the days of Coronavirus, we have to be more vigilant at monitoring our behaviors, and one slip up can land the health of our loved ones and ourselves in jeopardy.

What to Clean

Hard surfaces in the kitchen are the most prone to risk because that is the one common area you have with the rest of the family. Food gets prepared on the surface, and everyone eats. If the surface is contaminated, those harmful germs will end up in someone’s body.

In addition to kitchen countertop and flooring, other areas to keep in check in your house are.

  • Floors (Ceramic Tile / Hardwood)
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Desktops
  • Tabletops
  • Doorknobs and Door Handles
  • Hardwood or Metal Chairs
  • Any other hard surface made out of metal, glass, and wood

Visitors From Outside

If you think about it, every time you step outside and re-enter your home, unknowingly, you bring various potentially harmful illnesses causing invisible creatures attached to you. Once you enter the house, you can quickly transfer one of the many unknown microorganisms on to every surface that you make contact with.


We are currently living in a world with Coronavirus, and we have to think twice before we act. We must assume that whenever we go outside, we are bringing the harmful organisms with us.

Deep cleaning the surfaces using the right tools should help you to eliminate as much of the harm causing organisms that are on the countertop, floors, and on the tables.

Please remember to use cleaning gloves in all of your cleaning processes. Also, do remember to protect your eyes, face, and head from possible contamination.

Do not leave any food opened or exposed to the environment, put them in storage containers, and keep them away. Also, keep all of the food preparation equipment and utensils away from the cleaning area.

Home remedy for cleaning

Most of the cleaning is possible to complete using the items you already have in your cleaning cupboard. Things such as vinegar and bleach can serve as a useful tool in helping you clean and remove the dangerous organisms from the surface.

Stay away from rigid and abrasive materials to do the cleaning. With their ability to attract and pick up dirt, microfiber cloths preferred to clean the hard surfaces.

The homemade concoction will help to do the most basic, but useful, cleaning. However, around your house, especially in the kitchen, you will encounter stains that are hard to remove, and for this, you will need extra help.

Advanced Solution

Being one of the top five manufacturers and providers of nanolayer coating solutions to various industries, Nasiol engineers over the years have developed solutions to the everyday consumer.

One of these solutions is Nasiol Clean. A formula specifically designed to remove dirt and grime off the hard surface where it applied to. Along with its practical touch in eliminating dirt and harm causing matters, Nasiol Clean also assists in the delaying of dust build-up.

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