Is Ceramic Coating Good For Your Car?

Should I detail the surface of my car?

Does the body paint on my car need protection to prevent damages that can be caused by external forces?

These types of questions and concerns been around ever since wax appeared almost two centuries ago, and back then, the purpose of the wax was to provide shine to the body of a horse carriage.

To this day, the argument continues as to if wax or ceramic coating is useful or necessary.

As being one of the five developers and manufacturers of surface coating products using nanotechnology in the world, through our work and research have an excellent understanding as to why ceramic coatings in particular worth the investment.

Car Paint Protection

Whether it’s a surface of a car or a piece of furniture, regardless if it’s a primer, varnish, ceramic, waterproof sealer, etc. whatever the product or the solution the material requires you to use to coat its surface – the goal is same – it is all about protection.

The protection could be from weather, insects, dirt, dust, UV Ray, and everything in between.

The goal of coatings in general, for the most part, is to provide the necessary protection to the material, so it continues to operate at a maximum level for an extended amount of time.

Ceramic coatings developed using a new generation of nanotechnology are the type of surface protection that is utilized by various kinds of industries, including the automotive.

Does A Car Need Ceramic Coating?

Here are some factors to consider when answering this question.

  • How often do you use your car?
  • How long is your commute to work?
  • How many total hours do you spend time driving in a week?
  • Do you live in an area that has harsh winters and/or extremely hot summer days?
  • Does it rain a lot in the city you live in?
  • Do you drive to the grocery store and park in an open parking lot?
  • Do you live in a busy neighborhood where kids play outside?
  • Do you park your car near or under large trees?

These are some of the examples to keep in mind that can help you understand if you truly should be protecting your car from harm.

So what do those factors have anything to do with surface protection?

Each of the situations above has the potential to cause harm to the surface of your vehicle. The most common damage is the scratches appearing on the body of your car.

When you park in a grocery store parking lot, and you know that shopping carts run wild, and often, they do hit the side of a car and cause unpleasant damage to your vehicle, and most notably, they cause scratches.

When someone parks too close to your car and dings their door to your vehicle, there is another scratch.

When you are driving to and from work, a pebble stone flies away and scratches your car without you even noticing.

There are many examples and situations during the week where your car gets scratches; some are minor than others.

How to Prevent the Car Scratches

Going by the examples from above, the scratches almost expected to appear on the surface of your car.

No matter how expensive or sophisticated your vehicle might be, it will eventually have scratches on the surface.

To prevent scratches from appearing on the external surface of your car, you need to protect it with a ceramic coating solution.

Ceramic coating products like Nasiol’s ZR53 and NL272 are single nanolayer solutions.

What is unique about these two solutions from Nasiol is that you apply the application once, you don’t need to do second or third coating for the product to get working.

How Long Do Ceramic Coatings Last

Each manufacturer has a formula of their own, so it is hard to tell in general how long each ceramic coating product will last. There are also factors such as;

  • Was the ceramic coating solution applied correctly?
  • Did you follow the instructions on the curation time of the product?
  • How often will you be washing your car?
  • Do you use harsh chemicals and brushes to clean your vehicle?


Those situations will factor in the lifespan of the applied ceramic coating. When instructions followed, and application performed correctly, Nasiol brand ceramic coatings last between 3-5 years.

Your Car, Motorcycle, Truck, SUV, and Van is an Investment – Protect It

The vehicles today last much longer than they used to, and if you want to trade your car down the road for a new one or if you plan on selling your vehicle for a new one, the body of your car is where most people will first look.

The motor and other internal components could be excellent, and everything works fine, however, if the body of your car has scratches and the color has a dull, faded look to it, people will automatically have doubts about the quality of the vehicle.

Show potential buyers that you have taken care of your car with the utmost attention and used the best products in the market to protect it.

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