Superhydrophobic Coating Spay For Sale – NASIOL Superhydrophobic Spray
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  • Ultimate Protection for any Surface (Metal, Glass, Stone)


    Superhydrophobic Spray and Coating for All Surfaces – Nasiol SHBC

    Super hydrophobic nano coatings repels water and stain and keep surfaces clean for mostly industrial surface usages. Transparent superhydrophobic coatings provides a unique and durable protection for application surfaces.

    SHBC was invented only 2 years ago, it’s unique and new super hydrophobic nano coating which provides a catch-all, super-hydrophobic protection for hard-to-reach surfaces you are not particularly concerned about but still want to keep clean and dry.

    Application areas: Industrial parts, building facades, roof tiles,concrete, walls, roofs, tilings,window foils, Note: Can not be applied on car surfaces. For car products please check hydrophobic car coatings.

    You can always contact us to learn about superhydrophobic surfaces more and view our superhydrophobic spray and coating for sale.