Washing a car by yourself before applying nano coating
How to Wash and Clean Your Car Correctly?

This post will be devoted to preparing your car for nano coating. The most common way for people is to use special washing car services where specialists will do the whole job. However, this method has a few disadvantages:

  1. High-quality services are costly;
  2. Car washers may not pay enough attention to detail;
  3. Inattentive washers may use abrasive materials which could damage the paint surface.

Essential Needs for Washing a Car Perfectly?

If you are determined to make your car look super clean like new you will need:

  1. A Place, where the vehicle will not be under straight UV rays;
  2. A Bucket. It will be perfect if you take two. One of them is needed for a mixture of water and car shampoo, and the second for clean water;
  3. Wash mitts, a few microfiber towels, a car wheel brush, and a car wash detergent;
  4. A Steady Supply of water. An ideal variant is the usage of touchless car wash equipment. However, a garden hose will be a decent replacement as well.

10 Amazing Tips For Washing A Car Like a Pro

  1. Mix car shampoo with water in the bucket. Add the quantity of detergent which is noted on the bottle, not less or more. Pour clean water in the second bucket. You will use this for the rinsing of wash mitts.
  2. Properly hose your car, but don’t hurry to use mitts and shampoo. Let the water flow for a while to soften mud. Don’t make the flow very powerful as this can scratch and damage the paint with hard pieces of dirt.
  3. Before using a wash mitt, be sure to flush away any dirt in it. Otherwise, you may scratch the paint. Don’t push too hard, and regularly rinse the mitt in the soap bucket.
  4. Always start the cleaning process from the top of the vehicle. A soapy liquid will drip down, and you won't have to rewash it.
  5. Wheels are the dirtiest parts of the vehicle so start washing them. A rough brush with a long handle will be best for this.
  6. Never rub the paint surface. Let a washing detergent do the work. You have to have a little patience, and your car will be super clean.
  7. Use “bug and tar remover” to scrub off bird droppings or splattered bugs. Never try to scratch or you will damage the paint layer.
  8. When you have finished working with wash mitts, wash your car with water thoroughly. If you miss soap somewhere, it will dry with white stains.
  9. Take a towel and dry all of the elements you have washed. The best choice is a towel made from microfiber. Ensure that you didn’t leave any place wet. After this, you can toss them in the washing machine. However, don’t use fabric softener. When you wash your car the next time, it can leave spots and stains.
  10. The last and our favorite stage is using nano ceramic coating and glass water repellent. How to super clean your car with such coating has been discussed in another post of the blog.

After such a super clean car wash it will shine like a diamond.

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