Car Interior Cleaning with Nasiol Clean
Washing and Using Nano Waterproof Coating

Look outside the window, nature has already woken up and entered into force after a sleepy and cold winter. All around trees are blossoming and becoming green. What does it mean for all of the car owners? It’s a sign that it’s time to think about spring car maintenance.

At Nasiol, we have prepared a few simple spring car care tips for our customers.

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The first in our list of spring car care tips is car washing and using nanotechnology coating if you haven’t done this since before winter. You shouldn't underestimate its importance. In winter, roads are covered in special chemicals which melt ice and enable safe driving. At the same time, these chemicals cause irreparable damage to car paint, especially if you don’t use paint protection for the car. We recommend to not postpone a visit to the car washing services.

If you prefer to wash your car by yourself, read our post where we discuss step by step on how to quality clean your vehicle from top to bottom and to correctly use water repellent coating.

Interior Cleaning after Winter

When planning for what you will do during spring car maintenance, you shouldn’t forget to clean your car interior too. The first warm spring days are the perfect time to clean your car inside and get rid of garbage which may have accumulated during winter. Besides cleaning it, you should think about renovating your interior from UV rays and spilled cold drinks or sauce from the burger with a protective layer. For both purposes, we recommend using nanotechnology coating which protects plastic and metal details and makes fabric parts waterproof and easy to clean.

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Inspect the Wear of the Wiper Blades

The final thing you need to inspect is wiper blades. They work hard during the whole winter, scrubbing ice and snow from the windshield and that’s why wiper blades may be cracked or worn down. If you find any sign of this, then you should buy new ones. Don't save money on the ability to see the road when the weather is rainy. Besides checking wiper blades, we recommend using nanotechnology coating for protecting windshield so that even in a downpour you will be able to see everything in front of you.

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