How to Become an Official Reseller

Nasiol is seeking new partners to expand its global brand presence. A world leader in the field of nanotechnology, Nasiol applies the latest technological developments to the manufacture of its surface protection products. With over 15 years of experience, our company’s wide range of products are used by professionals in the automotive, industrial, home, textile, personal accessories, and maritime sectors in more than 140 countries worldwide. We are happy to continue offering lucrative business opportunities to new official resellers.

Advantages of Partnering with Nasiol

The Nasiol Partnership Program helps foster the growth of both new and established businesses through the following pathways:

Regional Exclusivity

Nasiol Partnership Program is available to one approved official reseller from each region. Once you are the holder of exclusive reseller rights for Nasiol, you will become the sole seller of our wide range of products in your area. This way, we can ensure that each market receives the same attention from its sole representative while still giving you full control over all orders placed by your customers in this territory.

Wholesale Rates

When you become a Nasiol reseller, you get 60% off the retail price of all Nasiol products.

Free Training (On-site and Online)

We have created a training program to facilitate your communication with your customers in person, on the phone, or via email, with the aim of boosting your business service reliability. The training program is offered free of charge to all our official resellers.

You can access the training you need for your team through our flexible options. We can come to you and train your team on-site, and there are webinar sessions available if that is more convenient.

Marketing Material and Support

Nasiol provides a wide range of free marketing materials that will help you promote your business. We have everything from brochures, catalogs and banners to notebooks, pencils and exclusive kits designed for your region. Our high-quality marketing materials can be shipped to you when you need them the most.

Our reseller partners are also able to access our marketing staff for any potential requirements and/or consultation. Our dedicated team handles requests like graphics, photos, videos, and many other promotional materials that you may need for your business to soar.

Here at Nasiol, we want the best experience possible when it comes to dealing with our partners. If anything comes up, feel free to reach out to us!

Sales Support and Lead Generation

We want our partners to get the most out of the partnership program, and we are eager to support them throughout their sales processes. Through our sales support and lead generation systems in place, we ensure that all new sales leads we receive from your region is redirected to your business, which saves you valuable time and energy managing all incoming requests from customers in your area. Furthermore, once you are approved as an official Nasiol reseller, potential customers can easily find your business through the reseller locator on our website.

Our team of experts will be there to aid you with all aspects of selling and promoting nano coating products for your business to achieve maximum profit margins, while ensuring all of your clients’ questions are answered.

The Partnership Process

First, the Nasiol administration team reviews your request. If the requested region doesn’t have an existing partner, we contact you for more information.

During the interview, the Nasiol team evaluates the suitability of the specific business/individual for our partnership program. When the decision to proceed with an official resellership is made, our partner is presented with valuable information about Nasiol’s offerings and requirements.


If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and make profit as an entrepreneur, our partnership program might be the perfect fit. With Nasiol’s help and support, you can become your own boss while providing long-term stability to your business.

The company offers regional exclusivity, which means that you will not find another business like yours in your area! You also will have access to special wholesale rates on all products. Most importantly, we provide free training from our experts so that there is never any guesswork when using our product line effectively in your marketing efforts.
We look forward to hearing more about how we can collaborate! Contact us today to become a partner, and let’s do great business together.

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