Keep Shoes Clean - Everything You Need To Know

It’s not a secret that we form a first impression about people in our heads within the first two or three minutes of the meeting, and how they look is one of the determining factors.

Many social polls show that shoe wear is an element of our costumes on which most people particularly pay attention.

A person can be dressed in stunning clothes, and wear the most expensive French perfume, but if the shoe is untidy or shabby, the entire picture will be shattered in a moment.

There is thus a question: “How to keep shoes clean for a long time, when the weather is rainy or when we don’t have such an opportunity to clean our shoes regularly?”


Keep Shoes Clean Using Nasiol Nano Coating

As we usually say: “the best way to prolong the life of your favorite things is to protect them using waterproof spray coating.”

Shoes are no exception; moreover, if you want new boots to serve you for years, we highly recommend to protect them.

Otherwise, it will be a one-year purchase. Whether you buy extremely expensive or cheap shoes, all of them will quickly become old and worn without proper care.

Unfortunately, you will not find a product made for one-time use which will exempt you from regular and appropriate, essential, cleaning. Even if you use windshield rain treatment, you should also do this.


A Few Tips on How to Clean Shoes Made of Different Materials

Smooth Leather

The first thing we recommend doing after purchasing shoes made of smooth leather is to protect them with Nasiol LeatherBoost.

It will protect them from water, mud, and road chemicals. However, you can choose an alternative way, by regularly using shoe polish.

How to keep shoes clean using traditional methods:

  1. Always start with a simple brush to get rid of dust and dirt. Don’t rub too intensively, dirt particles can damage a leather surface.
  2. Rub shoe polish all over the shoe. Pay attention to the bending places, and where leather and soles are glued or sewn on.
  3. Wait a bit, let shoe polish saturate the leather. After this, re-polish the shoe with a soft cloth.


Suede leather

This material is less demanding. A simple brush helps you to remove most of the dirt.

If you face a stubborn stain, a special cleaning foam will handle this challenge.

Don’t forget to roughen the shoe afterward to make it look stylish.



We strongly recommend using a waterproof spray coating for textile shoes.

It’s the most straightforward method to keep shoes clean and protect them from harmful environmental impact.

An advantage of this material is to be able to use adversity-cleaning methods from wet cloth to the washing machine.

However, it is preferable to start with the gentlest methods and use more and more strong ones if the stain doesn’t surrender.

Regularly care for your shoes, and you will wear them for an extended period until you buy a new pair.

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