How to Keep Wood Furniture in Pristine Condition for a Long Time

If you want your furniture to remain like new you have to care for it properly. Wood is a natural material which requires a particular approach. The best way to care for wood furniture is to cover it with a glass water repellent such as Nasiol Homewood. This nano coating perfectly fits for any things which are made of wood: door, window, garden elements, furniture, etc. This product provides protection from the most formidable enemies for wood—water, oil, rowdy pets, and weathering. The latter mostly concerns garden elements.

How to Clean Wood Furniture if I Have Already Used Nasiol Glass Water Repellent

Cleaning Wood Furniture can be pleasant and straightforward. A wet microfiber for polishing surfaces and a cotton rug for raw wood is all you need. Due to properties of the hydrophobic coating, mud, oil, or water can’t physically make contact with a wood surface, and you should only swipe it during cleaning.

A Couple of Useful Tips on How to Clean Wood Furniture

What to do if you want to apply a hydrophobic coating but your wood furniture has been already polished? This problem has two solutions: the first one is to buy a special remover which returns a natural shine to the wood surface; the second solution is a folk remedy, and we can’t guarantee that it will correctly work.

Take two or three tea bags, pour boiling water on them, and let them steep. Put down a clean cotton cloth in the strong tea and leave for a few minutes. When the material absorbs the strong tea, thoroughly wipe furniture. It helps to remove build up.

Do know that removing water repellent coating can be difficult, and these methods can possibly be useless.

The War Against Heat or Water Marks

Water and heat marks often become a stumbling block while cleaning wood furniture, and sometimes, even a specially designed product can’t deal with them. However, we found an unusual method on YouTube. The author uses a tea towel and an iron. He folds the towel four times and irons the place with a mark for some time. As a result, the marks disappear.

Frankly, we doubt this method, but many people in the commentaries of that video write that it really works.

If you want to prevent all of these added manipulations, you should use reliable means such as a glass water repellent from the Nasiol ceramic coating manufacturer.

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