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    Your Clothes Will Look New if you Use a Waterproof Spray Coating

    In previous posts, we have often described how to protect car paint and interior, yacht board and deck, and many other metals, glass, and plastic things that are around us. However, we caught ourselves thinking that we have missed something.

    How to Keep Wood Furniture in Pristine Condition for a Long Time

    If you want your furniture to remain like new you have to care for it properly. Wood is a natural material which requires a particular approach. The best way to care for wood furniture is to cover it with a glass water repellent such as Nasiol Homewood.

    Interior Car Detailing Before Traveling

    If you are going to travel in the car or you have to drive a few days in a row, you should create a pleasant atmosphere in the cabin. A great way to do this is car interior cleaning. You can remove dust, shovel thresh and wrappers out of seats, clean seat upholstery, and make the car interior smell good.