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Hydrophobic Nano Ceramic Coating Products

Nano Ceramic Coatings for Car Care

Nasiol Car Paint Protection products are the ultimate protection of car paint and other parts with a crystal gloss effect, scratch resistance, and highly hydrophobic properties. Nasiol offers a wide range of auto detailing products that protect your car's interior and exterior.
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Featured High-end Products
Nano Layer Ceramic Coating

50mL / Durability 5 Years

10H Scratch resistant superior vehicle paint protection

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Nano Ceramic Coating

50mL / Durability 3 Years

10H Scratch resistant superior
vehicle paint protection

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Nano Ceramic Coating for Car PPF Protection

50mL / Durability 1,5 Years

Ensures UV and chemical resistance for paint protection films.

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Absolute Protection for The Maritime Industry

Nasiol Marine is an all-inclusive product line perfectly designed for marine professionals. Nasiol Marine Coatings protect yachts and sea vehicles from sun, moss, bird droppings, and salty water.

With this protective technology, you will no longer spend much on aftercare for your boat.
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Featured High-end Products
deck coat
Nano Ceramic Coating for Marine Gelcoat Protection
150mL / Durability up to 1 season
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marine coat one
Nano Ceramic Coating for Marine Gelcoat Protection
150mL / Durability up to 1 season underwater, 2 seasons in above-water parts
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marine coat fast
Nano Coating for Marine Wood Protection
500mL / Durability up to 1 season
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Nano Coatings for Home Surface Protection

With Nasiol Nano Coatings, home surfaces like furniture, curtains, carpets, shower cabins, kitchen tops, and sinks are more durable than ever. Nasiol stain-repellent, oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings protect your home interiors and exteriors. Discover more about nanocoating solutions for textile, wood, and glass surfaces.
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Featured High-end Products
Water Repellent and Stain Protection for Fabric Upholstery

500mL / Durability Up to 6 months

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Water Repellency for Wood Surfaces

150mL / Durability Up to 6 months

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Stain Protection for Ceramic Tiles and Shower Doors

150mL / Durability 1 year

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Nano Coatings for Personal Surface Protection

Shoes, sportswear, accessories, your best business suit, and your baby's clothes are durable with Per Series Products. Personal nanocoating sprays provide water repellency and oil repellency to your accessories. Stay calm about your helmets, goggles, watches, shoes, bags, jackets, and even your mobile phone with Nasiol Per Series Coatings.
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Featured High-end Products
Water Repellent and Stain Protection for Footwear

50mL / Durability Up to 1 Year

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Water Repellent and Stain Protection for Fabric Surfaces

150mL / Durability Up to 1 Year

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Helmet and Goggle Visor Protection

50mL / Durability Up to 6 months

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The future of ceramic coating is a story we're writing with our customers. Listen to our perfectionist customers who love to share their experiences with Nasiol Nano Coatings.
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Globally Nasiol
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Industrial Nano Coatings
Glass and Ceramic
Metal, Painted and Plastic
Textile and Leather
Temporary Protection
Nano Coatings for Glass and Ceramic Surfaces
Nano coatings applied on glass and ceramic surfaces reduce damage resulting from pollution, icing, and provides acid rain repellent features.

Nasiol products under this category can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as building glass facades, vehicle windows, bath sink, tiles, shower cabins, hotel rooms, green houses, and all others.
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Nano Coatings for Metal, Painted, and Plastic Surfaces
Nasiol Industrial Solutions has a wide variety of coatings with different advantages and specifications, which can be applied on all thermosets, thermoplastics, painted surfaces, metals, and alloys. Whether you are searching a nanocoating for the molds in your production facility, components of a machine, or even your final product itself, the quality and durability of the coating should be your priority. Check out the coating series now!
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Nano Coatings for Textile and Leather
Nano coatings are applied to change, enhance or improve the characteristics of leather and textile surfaces.

For outdoor clothing, furnishings, shoes, carpets, curtains, and even face masks, you can add hydrophobicity or anti-stain properties to your product while keeping them breathable and transparent. Nasiol T Series and LC12 Nano Coatings are the solutions if you search for the best waterproofing in the market.
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Waterproofing Nano Coatings for Wood
Wood surfaces can be fascinating with their natural look, yet they are also very delicate and vulnerable to the damaging effects of water.

Wood surfaces like indoor and outdoor furniture, poolsides, yacht decks, facades, wooden sculptures, or art pieces must be protected from external conditions.

Nasiol W Series, the nanocoating solutions that can be applied to genuine natural wood, are transparent and protects the original texture of the wood.
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Nano Coatings for Stone and Porous Mineral Surfaces
Natural stone and porous mineral surfaces are widely used in all areas of life. Concrete, masonry, natural stone, pavements, roads, and all other regions can be examples of these surfaces.

Nasiol Z Series is a high-tech nano coating for water-absorbent surfaces. They protect these surfaces from mold, algae, and damp formation, as well as water stains and damaging effects of ice, such as freeze-thaw.

Businesses can reduce costs while adding durable protection solutions to their products or services with mineral surface coatings.
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Anti-graffiti Coatings
Graffiti is generally very difficult to remove, and cleaning graffiti off buildings costs billions of dollars annually. Nasiol Anti-graffiti Coating prevents graffiti paint from bonding to surfaces and is ideal for graffiti-prone areas like transit stations, bridges, overpasses, rail cars, retaining walls, municipal buildings, fences, schools, shopping plazas, and public restrooms.
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Anti-VRL and Antibacterial Nano Coatings
Applying antiviral/antibacterial surface nano coatings ensures that they are properly and effectively coated with a professional solution that prevents bacterial growth, helping to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe and healthy. Nasiol Antibacterial and Antiviral Coatings kill germs, bacteria, and harmful pathogens, leaving a durable layer that bonds to surfaces.
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Superhydrophobic Nano Coatings
Nasiol Superhydrophobic Nano Coatings eliminates the problems of rain fade, snow, and icing. This high-tech product is a two-layer coating that can be applied to various surfaces. The layer creates a contact angle of 171 degrees between the application area and the water droplet. The surfaces gain high water-repellency and oil-repellency features.
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Temporary Protection
Water-based transparent film on surfaces provides temporary protection against scratches caused by sand, stone chips, tar, etc. while ensuring UV resistance properties to the surface.
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Create Your Own Premium Nano Coatings Brand
Nasiol guarantees the highest quality and world-class standards of private-label cleaning and detailing products for worldwide partners. Contact us to build your own brand and business with Nasiol’s ultimate nano surface protection technology in your local market.
Ready-Made Products
Choose one of the ready-made product solutions that Nasiol has created for you. Have your own custom box, label and bottle designs.
Create Your Own Package
Choose chemical, custom box, bottle and all your other components. We will produce and pack for you and send it to you in a saleable condition.
Bottled Purchase
Choose your chemical and bottle, we will fill and label your bottle and ship it.
Bulk Purchase
Pack and sell the products we offer you in 15L, 30L and higher volumes as you wish.
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About Company
With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Artekya Technology is an R&D company that has made quality and technology its core competencies and produces nano-coating products for many surfaces such as metal, glass, ceramics, wood, and textile.

Thanks to its industry experience, NASIOL products, which is the main brand of Artekya Technology, are offered to the whole world through offices in the Czech Republic and the USA, as well as the R&D and Production Center, Head Office in Turkey.
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Latest News
We are proud to support the automative industry and we will attend again this year to SEMA Show 2023 which will take place in Las Vegas, NV on 31 October – 3 November.
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We are proud to announce that we will attend Waxstock Show this year, which will take place in Coventry, England on 5 June.
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nasiol new office
Our Nasiol brand reinforced the transformation process, which started with the logo change last year, with a completely renewed office environment.
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Nasiol is the registered brand of Artekya Technology.