Leather Seat Protection Based on Nanotechnology Coating

A few weeks ago, we already wrote a post that was dedicated entirely to the topic of “how to care for leather car seats.” It was a detailed step-by-step guide which was also saturated with useful tips and advice. If you read it then you certainly noticed that leather car seat care is a frequent and routine process, but you can’t give up on it because leather parts of your car interior will lose their stylish and outstanding look very quickly.

How to make leather car seat care more efficient and possibly less frequent? A product which will help to deal with this is LeatherBoost. This is both a reliable leather protector and useful care product. Nasiol began producing it only recently and that’s why not all people may know about its release.

Characteristics of the Nano Waterproof Coating LeatherBoost

Nasiol team is proud of the level of leather seat protection that you will get using nanotechnology coating LeatherBoost. Its application will protect a leather surface from paint transfer, oil stains, sweet beverages, harmful effects of UV rays, and minor scratches for up to nine months. In addition to natural leather, it works perfectly on genuine and artificial surfaces.

Also, you can use it not only for leather car seat care. Any leather item, whether it’s a sofa, bag, jacket, or shoes can be covered with this nano waterproof coating.

Tips for Nanotechnology Coating Application

  1. Environment should be well-ventilated.
  2. Before applying any nanotechnology coating, you should wear rubber gloves.
  3. Apply the spray using only a special applicator pad.
  4. Allow the surface to dry for 12 hours for effectiveness.
  5. If leather seat protection coating was accidentally applied on a non-leather surface, it should be wiped off immediately with a clean and lint-free microfiber cloth.

At the end of this post, we want to leave you with a few tips and advice on leather car seat care:

  1. Always start with a vacuum.
  2. Never use standard soap.
  3. Never try to soak the leather.
  4. Use white cotton cloth to prevent color stains.
  5. If you use a detergent, then apply a small amount of it.
  6. Never let the cleaning products dry on the leather.
  7. Use nano waterproof coating for protection.

Take care of your car and enjoy the ride for a long time.

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