How Much is Ceramic Car Paint Protection?

Applying Ceramic coating has number of features that has the capability to protect your vehicle for years to come and also benefit the car owner from costly repair down the road.

Today, there are two major types of coating applications that you can apply on to your vehicle.

One is the traditional carnauba wax.

For years, carnauba waxes have been the preferred method for making the vehicle appear shinier and waxes do come with some good way to protect your vehicle against certain elements.

The application of carnauba wax is easy and straight forward and the well-known brands of the makers of these waxes do provide good noticeable results.

Car Wax Cost

First, the product is good at providing a shine to the applied surface, but it pretty much stops there because the protection that it offers against scratching or staining is almost nonexistent.

If your only goal is to have your vehicle to appear shiny than waxing could be a good option.

Second, carnauba waxes do not last long. There are numerous brands out in the market that sells car waxes and each one of their specifications will be different, but in general, a carnauba wax lasts around 3-5 weeks, and then every other quarter you have to reapply.

Carnauba waxes are relatively inexpensive products and they range between $25-$100 depending on the brand and the size of the product.

The cost might seem cheap, however, remember that every 3-5 weeks you will need to reapply the wax to get back that initial shine on to your vehicle.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings provide several advantages over the traditional wax.

First, its ability to protect the paint from scratches.

Even though some manufacturers of wax compounds claim to protect against scratching, they are no match to what a nano ceramic solution like Nasiol ZR53 to offer.

Most of the major brands in the nano ceramic coating category, including Nasiol, offer products with 9H pencil scratch resistance.

To learn more about the 9H pencil scratch test, please follow this link.

Nano coating products with 9H protection are able to protect the surface from a variety of elements including rock chips.

Second, nano ceramic coatings last longer than waxes.

A quality coating like the one ZR53 provides, with proper maintenance, lasts around 3 years. Click here to learn more about how to maintain the ceramic coating.

Third, the exterior surface of your car will stay cleaner for a longer amount of time.

When nano ceramic coating applied appropriately it will form a thin layer on top of the pain to ward off dirt, dust, and mud.

Ceramic coatings also prevent staining from elements of nature such as bird droppings from occurring.

For those who live in areas where winter conditions can be brutal, ceramic coating solutions can prevent the damage the road salt, used to melt the snow, can cause on your vehicle.

Furthermore, with its superior hydrophobic ability, any form of liquid, including rain, ice, snow, and sleet will not adhere to the surface.

When you combine these benefits the ceramic coating provides, the money that you are saving, in the long run, can be substantial.

Nano Ceramic Coating Price

When choosing a ceramic coating product, stick with a brand made by well-known companies who are leaders in their sectors, like Nasiol.

Nasiol is one of the handfuls of nanotechnology based surface nano coating producers in the world and besides automotive, Nasiol develops solutions to a variety of other industries as well.

The typical cost for the ceramic coating range between $120-$400.

It may sound a bit pricey for a surface coating solution, however, when you take in the consideration of how much you will be saving on car wash and surface maintenance, along with savings from potential paint repair jobs, the cost will be worth it.

Don’t forget, ceramic coating with proper care should protect about 3 years, whereas typical wax lasts about 3-5 weeks where you have to repurchase the product and reapply. The choice at the end is yours.

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      The preparation for ceramic coating involves using a Nasiol Clearub 305 & Clearub 505 scratch removing compounds and then if needed you could definitely use clay to remove excess dust particles. And finally, you can use Nasiol Clean surface cleaner to remove any other dust and dirt from the surface to make it ready for ceramic coating application.

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