Summer Car Care and Cleaning in 5 Steps

We wrote about after-winter checkup a few days ago.

However, it’s almost summer outside, and our vehicle needs a set of additional checks for the hot season.

The most harmful effect that summer brings is high temperature and UV rays.

So, all actions included in the summer car maintenance process will relate to these factors.

Summer Car Care and Cleaning Should Include the Following:

Check and possibly change the oil and oil filters.

Severe weather conditions of autumn and winter negatively affect these elements.

Besides, summer is usually a dusty season and that’s why many specialists recommend changing oil filters before summer.

A worn-out oil filter can’t pick up all of the mud and dust particles.

As a result, they get into the lubricant and start to destroy the engine inside. Remember, clean oil is key to the engine's long life.

  Check the fluid level of all of the liquids.

A lot of parts in the car use different liquids in their work, and most of them are crucial.

Your summer car care has to include checking fluid levels of the coolant and brake fluid.

You should check them regularly, but pre-summer car maintenance will be a good time to do this.

Most of the vehicle mechanics will tell you that overheating is one of the most significant causes of breakdowns in summer.


⇒ Check tire pressure.

As we know from our physics lessons, gases can expand and contract depending on the temperature outside of the reservoir. Don’t forget to check tire pressure during summer car care.

For example, cold weather makes tires lose from between two to three pounds of air per month.

We recommend checking this before a big road trip because low tire pressure will increase fuel consumption and tire wear.


⇒ Inspect brake system.

Long road trips, frequent stop-and-go on crossroads, and hot weather increase the rate of brake wearing.

If you hear a squeak or feel that a brake pedal is falling out or if the car needs extra pressure on the pedal during stops, then you definitely need to go to an auto service place and check it out.

Even if you don’t have such problems, checking the brake system is a good idea during summer car maintenance.


⇒ Protect car paint from UV rays, bird droppings, smashed bugs, and stones from oncoming traffic.

If you didn’t apply car paint protection products after winter, then the first summer days are the perfect time to do this. Nasiol ZR53 is the best option for protecting car paint after summer car wash.

In addition to body car protection, we offer a range of nano coatings for cars that will care for car interior, glass, and mirrors.



We hope we gave you a few ideas about summer car maintenance.

If you know other tips and tricks on how to take care of a car, feel free to share them under comments.

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