How to Stay Stain-Free While You're Wearing Elegant Clothes

It’s hard to tell when and where an unexpected stain might ruin our day, but for some reason, it feels like it happens more often on special occasions while we’re in our most elegant outfits. 

Whether it can be considered part of Murphy’s law or not, when you’re wearing your favorite clothes, it’s highly likely that the weather turns for the worse, a passing car leaves you drenched in mud, or your friend’s drink gets spilled all over your carefully created ensemble. And if you’d picked light colors for that day… You end up brooding over your ruined clothes while trying to cover the ugly stain during the entire occasion, which was supposed to be filled with memorable, happy moments.

But enough with the horror story; let’s look on the bright side now. There can be a happy ending awaiting your elegant clothes, no matter what circumstances they have to endure. Liquids and dirt can slide right off their surface before stains are formed in the first place. How, you’re wondering? The answer lies in nanotechnology.

Fabric Protection with Nanotechnology 

A lot of scientific terms—such as nanoparticles, nanometers, atoms and molecules—come into play when one attempts to define nanotechnology. However, when it comes to protecting your elegant clothes against stains, we don’t need a deep dive. Nasiol’s water-based nano fabric protector, PerWear, can be applied to a variety of clothing items made of cotton, polyester, fleece, satin, silk, linen, and cashmere. It offers you the opportunity to prevent water, oil, dirt, and stains from damaging your precious clothes, ensuring that they stay in excellent condition for many years to come.

The fabric protector creates an invisible, odorless, and incredibly thin layer of nano-coating on the surface of your clothes. Not only does this protective layer provide the treated surfaces with resistance to liquids, heat, and chemicals, but it also makes the cleaning process easier than ever. This way, even the materials that would normally cause the toughest stains can’t be absorbed into the fabric of your garments.

Spotless and Durable Clothes

As a matter of fact, the benefits of nano coating are not limited to stain resistance. You can also turn to this method when you’re seeking to prolong the lifespan of your favorite apparel. Due to its resistance to cleaning products and heat, PerWear remains effective for up to a year following the first application, eliminating your worries about the damage your clothes might sustain during cleaning and storage processes.

How to Use PerWear

You can use this product on a wide variety of clothing items ranging from shirts and blouses to pants and skirts, from sweaters and jackets to wedding dresses and suits. In addition to protecting your casual clothes and sportswear, the nano coating can help your fine apparel remain looking brand new. 

The idea of coating your precious clothes with a protective layer might sound rather complicated as compared to the traditional methods of fabric care, but in truth, it is an extremely practical process. All you have to do is spray the product on the surface of your clothes until they’re fairly moist, then allow it to dry. 

Once the coating is cured, your clothes are ready for any challenge posed by liquids and dirt! What’s more, it’s impossible for you to notice that a surface has been treated unless you expose it to liquids; the breathable and water-based components don’t affect the appearance, texture, or comfort of your garments.

Much More Than Stain-Free

Elegant clothes deserve much more care and attention than being worn once on a special occasion. In this regard, PerWear not only protects your precious clothes, but also offers you the opportunity to wear your lucky tie to all your important meetings, or to pass your grandmother’s bridal gown on to the next generations. The innovative solutions introduced by nanotechnology enable you to enjoy spotless and pristine outfits, no matter when and where dirt and stains may cross your path.

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  1. Mike says:

    Nasiol products are simply the best

  2. Michel Stachnik says:

    I would like to know if your repellent coating could be applied to polyolefin nonwovens having low melting point resistance to temperature. We would like to gain some oil repellency without use of fluorinated chemicals. Is this possible ?

  3. Nasiol Expert says:

    Nasiol T and T-WB can be applied on polyolefin nonwovens. Nasiol Nano Coatings are fluoro siloxane based, environmentally friendly, REACH compliant and harmless for human health."

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