What Does Ceramic Coating Do - What You Need to Know

Ceramic coating is a transparent liquid polymer that bonds with the paint on the surface of a vehicle.

There are few other names that ceramic coating is known for, and the most common ones are nano coating and nano ceramic.

This chemical polymer can apply to the surface of an automobile, truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicles (RV), and vans.

The ceramic coating does not discriminate against the aging of the car, so it is appropriate for new or older vehicle surfaces.

The purpose of the application of the ceramic coating is to protect the factory paint of the vehicle.

The protection includes accidental or intentional scratches and the harm that the elements of nature, such as UV rays and acid rain, may cause. Furthermore,

the ceramic coating is also helpful against corrosion that can be caused by road salt, which is used during wintertime to melt the snow.

Nanocoating is a popular product in the automotive detailing sector.

In addition to protecting the surface of a vehicle against harmful contaminants, the nano-ceramic liquid will also provide a superior shine and will revitalize the color.

If the ceramic coating applied correctly, the newly formed layer would also allow more natural cleaning of the surface without the need for brushes or detergents.

The polymer, when used correctly, will create a smooth surface on top of the clear coat layer that is on top of the paint, and this smooth surface will repel dirt, water, and dust.

When providing shine to the body of a car, the traditional waxes served the purpose for decades and are still in use today.

What separates wax and ceramic coating liquid is the durability and the protective feature of the nano-ceramic formula.

The traditional wax lasts around five weeks, whereas a nanolayer coating like ZR53 and NL272 will protect the vehicle from 3 to 5 years when maintained appropriately.

In terms of pricing, wax compounds do cost less than ceramic coating formulas.


you save a tremendous amount of money in the long run because ceramic coating applied once and can last up to years, whereas a traditional wax will wear off in about a month when you need to reapply.

Plus, don’t forget the fact that ceramic coating will not only provide fantastic shine, but it will also protect the surface against scratches, and the wax products lack that particularly important feature.

There are many brands out in the market today that sell ceramic coating solutions.


there are only a few developers of these products, and Nasiol is one of the handfuls of nanocoating manufacturers.

Ceramic coating is a sensitive product, and the quality is crucial. Please check with the brand to see if they manufacture the product or are they buying it from someone else.

If possible, buy the coating directly from the manufacturer, so you don’t sacrifice quality.

There is no doubt of the number of benefits that a ceramic coating can provide to your vehicle;

however, to get the best of the coating application, you do need to maintain it appropriately. Learn More about how to maintain for ceramic coating.

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