waterproofed shoes by Nasiol persoes nano coating spray
How Does the Best Hydrophobic Spray Protect My Footwear?

If you are looking for a quality product that will protect your favorite footwear, you should pay attention to the nanotechnology spray for shoes.

Nowadays, hydrophobic nanocoating is widely used as a reliable protector for a wide variety of materials ranging from metal and glass to leather, textile, and suede.

Nasiol PerShoes is an excellent example of the nanotechnology spray for shoes that perfectly protects your textile, suede, and nubuck shoes and boots from stains, water, mud, oil, and other liquids.

It works like an invisible shield which is formed of billions of nanoparticles.

The distance between the particles is so tiny that large molecules of water and mud can’t anchor on the shoe surface or somehow interact with the coating layer.

Nasiol PerShoes, unlike regular shoe polishes and shine sponges, makes your shoe hydrophobic and oleophobic but maintains the material’s breathable properties.

When water, snow, mud, oil, or other liquids hit on your boots it drops down from the surface, leaving it dry.

At first glance, it can look like a trick, however, there is no cheating—this is clear science.


How to Apply Hydrophobic Coating Nasiol PerShoes

Nano spray for shoes Nasiol PerShoes was designed for protecting most of the natural and synthetic textile materials.

However, before coating the entire boot, we recommend testing on a little piece of material.

Once you’ve understand that the spray is suitable, you can embark on full coverage.

Before coating, make sure that the shoe is clean and completely dry. After this, spray PerShoes in a uniform layer on the shoe.

Check to make sure that the hydrophobic nanocoating has dried up before wearing it. Usually, this process takes one day.


Final Thoughts On Nasiol Pershoes Hydrophobic Spray

We already have thousands of satisfied clients who have got rid of problems with wet or dirty footwear. The durability of our nanotechnology spray for shoes is up to two years.

After once trying the best hydrophobic spray for shoes PerShoes, you will understand that it works, and it’s comfortable, reliable, and affordable for everyone.

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