Does Ceramic Coating Prevent Rock Chips?

How durable is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings can help reduce the visibility and extent of rock chips on a vehicle's paint, but they do not completely prevent them from occurring. Rock chips can still occur on a coated vehicle, but the ceramic coating can provide a barrier that helps protect the paint from damage. This means that the rock chips may be less noticeable and less likely to penetrate the paint, leading to rust and other forms of corrosion.

However, it's important to keep in mind that ceramic coatings are not a permanent solution and will eventually wear away over time. The durability of the coating will depend on various factors such as the quality of the coating, the type of vehicle it is applied to, and the driving conditions it is exposed to. Additionally, ceramic coatings will not protect a vehicle from all forms of damage, so it's still important to take steps to avoid obstacles on the road.


Facts about ceramic coating

One thing to remember about ceramic coating is that they are not entirely impenetrable.

Most people have this misconception that once the nanocoating applied to the surface of a car, then the paint will be protected for years from every single damage-causing material.

There are a variety of situations where no matter how high quality the formula of the coating might be, that the layer itself can still penetrate through.

There are numerous videos online from people who have applied ceramic coating on to their vehicles and try to damage the reputation of the technology and the product itself by performing tests that are out of this world.

10H matchless scratch resistance

If you apply even the most superior nanocoating available in the market today, like Nasiol NL272, correctly and bang the surface with a hammer.

Guess What?

The surface will dent, and it will break through the coating.

The marketing language used by some of the brands is highly questionable and suspicious.

If a brand or a detailer gives you false promises like the coating layering on your car will protect against anything, then you should think twice before proceeding with the purchase.

The concept of ceramic coatings prevention against rocks contains a variety of ingredients.

No stones are alike, and the speed at which you are traveling will also determine the impact a flying rock might have on the coating.

It is more often than not that the stone will penetrate through the layer, and it could cause a scratch even on the surface applied with a nanocoating product because you cannot estimate when and how even the smallest pebble will hit your vehicle.

Overall, nano-ceramic coatings provide fantastic protection to the paint of your vehicle. Parked or driving down on the highway, the exterior surface of a motor vehicle is exposed limitless amount of dangerous elements.

Tree branches, kids playing near your car in the neighborhood, road salt during winter, and bird droppings, and countless other elements pose a threat to the paint of a vehicle.

What are the other features of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings also provide ease of cleaning. On a surface that lacks nanocoating cleaning, even bird droppings can be a challenge.

Stains on an untreated surface will require using detergents and brushes to remove them. Using detergents high on pH level and the using of hard brushes will do more harm by scratching the surface.

Furthermore, car washing stations do provide convenience; however, the brushes used at these automatic washing establishments can cause scratching.

A vehicle surface coated with a nanocoating should either hand-washed or use a brushless car washing station.

Surface treated with a nanolayered coating will make cleaning more manageable because the polymer will repel dirt, dust, and mud right off the surface and will require less effort in cleaning.

In addition to scratch protection and ease of cleaning,

one area that has been getting a lot of attention as of late is the protection of paint against UV rays.

On an untreated surface of a vehicle, sunrays will, over time, cause the color to fade, and this is where a ceramic coating can protect against discoloration.

Please also remember that just because your vehicle has a nanoceramic coating on it, it does not mean that you can skip on cleaning.

You followed instructions to apply the layer properly, and you also need to care about the surface afterward. Find out how to maintain for ceramic coating.

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