Hydrophobic Coating for Glass – NASIOL Glass Water Repellent Coating
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    Glass Water Repellent Spray and Hydrophobic Ceramic Coatings – Nasiol-C&C1

    Hydrophobic coating for glass and ceramic surfaces reduces damage resulting from pollution, icing, and provide acid rain repellent features.

    Nasiol C is a powerful glass water repellent coating which repels water and stain. Also, water repellent technology preserves surface from fungus, lime, and other blemishes. It is widely applied as a rain- and water-resistant and water repellent coating for automobiles as a windshield rain treatment. Our hydrophobic coating for glass and ceramic does not provide a greasy look and residue or poor durability like other conventional oil-based products. Instead, the surface gains strongly hydrophobic, anti-stick, and easy-to-clean properties. Nasiol-C water repellent spray for glass and ceramic is permanent, durable for long life, resistant to acid, base chemicals, and temperature changes, easy to apply, transparent, and food safe.

    Application areas of the ceramic and glass water repellent coating: Building glass facades, vehicle windows, bath sinks, washbasins, tiles, shower cabins, hotel rooms, conservatories, and all other glass and ceramic surfaces.

    Product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)-Nasiol-C

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