Is Paint Protection Worth It On a New Car? - Beginners Guide

A new car always looks gorgeous and stunning. A pristine paint layer shines, and stylishly reflects sunbeams.

None of the tiny scratches or stains spoil such beautiful images.

But, how many miles or kilometers should you drive with paint that has lost the “new car” condition?

So many harmful factors can impact it that to make even an approximate prediction is difficult.

Instead of the forecast, Nasiol team will tell you how to keep your car in pristine condition for an extended period.


Car Paint Protection Based on Cutting Edge Nanotechnologies

Return to the moment when you have purchased your vehicle. A dealer, probably, offered you the option to spend money on new car paint protection.

The price of this service generally is high, and at the same time, nobody explains what this protection is, how it works, who produces this, etc.

Nasiol offers products that provide reliable new car paint protection. Also, hundreds of satisfied customers can confirm the high quality and effectiveness of our car paint protection coating.

The next advantage is the price. We sell our products at honest prices which are less than what car dealerships will offer.


New Car Paint Protection

We not only criticize, but we also offer solutions on how to protect the new car paint layer.

Nasiol NL272 provides the ultimate level of protection for car paint.

It has a unique formula, based on nanotechnologies that demonstrates an incredible performance.

Scratches, road chemicals, bird droppings will not damage the paint.

Water and oil liquids will drip down without a hint of the stain.

Detailed information on how to apply car paint protection can be found here.

Is paint protection worth it on a new car? Definitely, yes.

Should I overpay for questionable new car paint protection?

Definitely, no.

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