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Get The Most Powerful Car Paint Protection Ever

You’d wash your car every day in winter, if it worked!

You’re reading this blog so it’s ok, you can admit, if it worked you would wash your car every day -throughout winter in subzero conditions, even after the daily commute – if it kept your ride looking shiny and new.

Maybe like me you’ve tried, and found at this time of year, after a couple of miles on gritted roads your car was back to looking like it hasn’t been washed for months, even in the dry. Covered in a combination of oily grime and salt stains. Feel pretty salty about it right?

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What’s the point of shiny paint hidden under dirt?

Every time you wash your car it wears away the paint protection you doubtless applied with loving care last summer. You know that’s not good. But what’s the point of all the effort you put in if it can’t be seen?

Washing your car on your driveway? Now you have a grimy ice rink for a drive. People might think you’re crazy.

It’s not crazy to want an answer, you need paint armour protection that repels that salty grime so you don’t have to wash it off. Super resilient and flexible enough to stay tightly bound to your paintwork, below freezing, blasted with sand and salt.

Know your enemy !   

Salt absorbs water, it will stick to your wet car then crystalise on the surface, creating a matrix of muck. In the dry, ground fine or dissolved on the road then re-dried into tiny crystals, it will static cling and absorb any moisture from the air, bonding itself and everything around it to your car.

ZR53 repels water – it is salt’s nemesis. Water beads up and rolls off, taking salt and grime with it. In the dry ZR53’s nanoscale smooth surface gives fine particles nothing to cling to.

With me so far? Let’s talk corrosion. Painful thought, right? Manufacturers have listened and unless you daily a classic it’s less of a problem these days, but compare a ten year old car from japan where they use glycol to treat icy roads, and it looks fresh – especially underneath – as a one a third it’s age from western climes. Coat vulnerable areas like arches and sills with ZR53 and never find a heart sinking paint blister.

One step away ?

ZR53 is easy to apply, in one step, lasts up to three years or 150 washes. Its formulation utilizes nanoparticles that create a super tough, smooth coating. But it’s also particularly thick and resilient, hardening fully only on the surface, remaining flexible underneath, flexing without crazing or breaking down. One coating for all paint and plastic surfaces. One clean machine.

But wait you say! If it lasts 3 years what about summer, the heat, sun, berry filled birds? ZR53 gives you the ultimate all year around protection. It resists heat, blocks ultraviolet light, and it’s stable from Ph one to twelve so bird droppings or tree sap cannot eat through to your paint.

ZR53 is the most durable car paint protection system, in all conditions.

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