Is Paint Protection Worth It? - A Beginners Guide

Regardless what the year, make and model it is, the surface of your vehicle is prone to getting scratches.

Some of these scratches are visible to the naked eye and others are very thin that you can hardly see them.

Overtime, the scratches on the surface of the vehicle will begin to add up and will eventually cause an unpleasant scene.

There are certain types of paint color used on vehicles where the scratches would be much more visible, for example on a black surface the scratch would be more visible than on a white surface.

For some people, having scratches on their car doesn’t bother them, as long as the car drives, they don’t mind it.

Well, then there are other car owners where they can spot the thinnest scratch a mile away.

Some people are obsessed by how their car looks and others not so much.

In addition to the cosmetics of your car, the other major issue to keep in mind is that, you may not care about how your car looks or care much about scratches, however, when the time comes to sell your car or trade it for a new one, you will lose some value because of the scratches.

Automobile manufacturers use a thin layer of paint to curve the cost of how much paint they use.

Even on a brand new vehicle that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, the paint the manufacturer uses will not provide the shine you would get from a nanoceramic coating.

Plus, the manufacturer's paint does not contain chemicals to prevent scratching and water repellency.

In terms of the ceramic coating, you need something that is going to protect the surface from scratches, dirt, staining, give the body a beautiful shine, and repel water in an efficiently.

In most cases, a ceramic coating, sometimes called nano-coating, like Nasiol's ZR53 or NL272, will give you a minimum of 3 years of protection and shine.

Those are single layer products, and you apply it once; however, there are products in the market that will require multiple coatings, so double-check that when you are out shopping.

However, before applying a layer of ceramic coating on your vehicle, I would strongly suggest checking with your manufacturer and learn about the type of paint they have used.

Because these days, some manufacturers do use specialized customized paint combinations, so make sure to find out what your brand uses.

You can apply the coating on your own; you don't need any special equipment for it. If it were an older car, we recommended you to fill in the existing scratches, which will require a buffing machine, before applying a ceramic coating.

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