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Why Is Nano Coating Important?

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A Quick Glance on Topics

Definition of Nano-Coating Protection

  • Nanotechnology: The design, production, characterization and application of structures, devices and systems by controlling shape and size of building blocks at the nanometer (nm) scale.
  • Nano-coating is defined as modification of surfaces within thickness range from fraction of nanometers to sub-micrometers via chemical compounds consisting of nanometer-scaled particles and useful agents in order to improve functionality or prevent harmful effects of external factors on end-use products.

Nano-coatings are usually applied onto surfaces, thus altering the surface energy of materials, to make products capable of desired properties. These properties can be simply listed as:

  • Hydrophobic/hydrophilic/oleophobic characteristics that change liquid contact angle on the surface
  • UV/IR irradiation or gas penetration blockage
  • Endurance for impacts and high temperature/pressure working conditions
  • Air permeability
  • Prevention of bacterial growth
  • Reduction of wear/abrasion
  • Resistance for stain, scratch, hazardous chemicals and corrosion
  • Optical adjustments like anti-reflection, transmittance and enhanced light absorbance.
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How many types of coatings?

Coatings in the nanometer scale can be classified in two groups namely functional coatings and self-assembled nano-phase coatings.

Functional Coatings exhibit different characteristics than traditional protective or decorative ones as they respond to environment.

functional coatings

The differences are showed up in chemical, physical, mechanical and thermal properties at several territories of coating-substrate assembly:

  • Coating-substrate interfaces (e.g. scratch resistant coatings),
  • In the structure of coating (e.g. fire-retardant coatings),
  • Air-coating interfaces (e.g. self-cleaning coatings)

Self-assemble nano-particles are naturally organized themselves within regular structures or patterns by using local forces to find the lowest energy configuration, thus creating a nano-phase manipulation of the matter.

Self-assembly is a useful strategy in the presence of nano-particles which are too small to manipulate into an ordered shape conveniently. Furthermore, self-assembly can also generate nano-particles having true 3-D order inexpensively via bottom-up approach when it compared to top-down approach methods with limited quantity of production and extensive costs.

Further Thoughts About Nano Coating
Nano Coating To Change The World?
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