The Only and Easy Way to Keep Your Footwear New & Clean

There are many aspects of creating the perfect outfit, but footwear is usually the most limited one among them all. Before choosing the best pair of shoes that complement our style, we have to first take a look out the window, check the weather forecast, stare at our favorite pair of suede boots for a while, and try to decide if exposing them to the wet and dirty world out there is even worth the risk…

Well, that’s no longer a real risk, but we’ll get into those details later. First, let’s talk about footwear care and how much effort traditionally goes into it.

The Basics of Shoe Care

We’re supposed to read the care instructions carefully, wipe our shoes regularly with specially formulated products, and always store them in ideal conditions, right? Some very dedicated shoe-lovers among us might be able to accomplish all this, but the fact of the matter is, most of us don’t. This doesn’t mean we don’t care though; we do worry about the condition of our beloved shoes, and that’s why we end up keeping them in the shoe cabinet for more than half of the year.

So, if you’re wondering how to keep your shoes clean and looking their best; sure, you could try not wearing them on wet days, always keeping them away from dust and dirt, and you might as well make sure that nothing’s ever going to spill on your shoes and stain them.

Alternatively, you could catch up with the times and turn to nanotechnology to keep your shoes clean and brand new.

Nanotechnology: A Game Changer! 

Nanotechnology may be a complicated field of study, but when it comes to shoe care, its application is pretty straightforward. Nasiol PerShoes, which is a water-based nano coating product, creates an incredibly thin, invisible layer over the surface of your shoes, providing them with liquid-resistant and easy-to-clean properties. This breathable and odorless layer protects your footwear against water damage and stains so that you can wear your favorite boots and shoes to any occasion in any weather (yes, even your off-white nubuck oxford shoes or your summery canvas espadrilles!)

The Application of Footwear Protectors

You can use protective sprays on footwear made of suede, nubuck or canvas, and following just one application, you can enjoy your water-resistant shoes for up to a year. Stepped into a puddle of mud? No problem, it will slide right off. Unexpected rainfall? Not to worry, the raindrops won’t be absorbed into the material of your shoes. Even when a spilled cup of coffee is the issue, you can simply wipe it away and go about your day enjoying your spotless clean shoes. 

Through these protective qualities, the nano coating will keep your footwear in tip-top condition even after heavy use. What’s more, when you pick a breathable, water-based product, it will not affect the comfort of your shoes at all.

Footwear Care Redefined

You may think that getting dirty and stained is the ultimate fate of footwear, but that’s far from the truth. Thanks to nanotechnology, you can prevent stains before they even come to be, and make the cleaning process much easier on yourself. Whether it’s your favorite pair of ankle boots that are in question or your elegant dress shoes intended for the most special occasions, you can now keep them out of harm’s way while enjoying the trendiest outfits!

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