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    Artekya’s European Adventure with Nasiol Brand

    In May of 2018, Artekya conducted European market researches through Yeye and registered as Artekya S.R.O in June. He started formal accounting and finance management. In July, Amazon and EBay e-shop stores began to list their products. In September, the missing products started to be completed with the efforts of Yeye Company.

    Nasiol TWB Water Pressure Resistance Test Results

    TWB is explicitly for textile and fabric-based products. Its primary feature is working effectively in repelling water and oil-based liquids, thus making it easy to clean. Recent testings have proven that TWB performance was much more superior to those other similar products available in the market today.


    Nasiol is expanding its operations around the world and has just signed a distributorship agreement with Teojama Comercial in Ecuador. Starting today, Nasiol will sell its products in Ecuador through Teojama Comercial, and Nasiol has informed all its Ecuadorian customers in this direction. Teojama Comercia is now ready to serve and accept orders from its customers in the region


    Are you interested in becoming a Nasiol distributor?
    In our recent live broadcast on YouTube, our International Sales Specialist Mr. Mert explained the process of becoming a distributor in an instructional video of a step-by-step guide to distributorship and as well as to our Private Labeling opportunities. We have uploaded the recorded presentation to our YouTube page and giving you another chance to see the video.

    Nasiol ZR53 Passed the Food & Safety Regulation

    Recently, one of our flagship products, Nasiol ZR53, went through the rigorous testing by the LFGB (Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch), a well-known and respected German food safety regulation organization.

    Artekya, A Leading Producer of SuperHydrophobic Products

    Artekya, a pioneer in nano-coating technology, under the Nasiol brand, continues to provide industry-leading products around the world to multiple sectors including automotive, home, personal goods, and textile.

    Don’t Forget to Visit the Nasiol booth at Car Wash Europe 2019 in Amsterdam

    The leader in the automotive detailing sector, growing rapidly in a very short amount of time, Nasiol will participate in the annual Car Wash Show Europe on September 18 & 19, 2019 in Amsterdam. In a trade show where the leaders in the automotive industry will be on display, Nasiol is proud to take place [...]

    DetailingTuesday Contest Winner is Announced

    After six months of receiving entries from our loyal followers on Instagram and Facebook, the #detailingtuesday contest has finally come to an end on August 1, 2019. The grand prize winner of the 3-day Istanbul vacation picked on a random drawing during a live feed on Instagram. The grand prize includes a round trip flight [...]

    Nasiol TWB is Released for Industrial Usage

    Nasiol T-WB, new industrial textile coating of Nasiol has released.  It is a water based nanocoating and could be applied to industrial surfaces by dipping method.

    Nasiol T-WB can be applied as a waterproof spray coating too. However the target audience of the product is textile manufacturers and it is not sold in retail for now.

    Nasiol European Coordination Center Expanded

    Nasiol European Coordination Center has expanded. We move to our new place in Czech Republic to provide better operational services for our customers in Europe.

    Nasiol South Africa Opened

    Nasiol HQ signed agreement with Epik Trading to start operations in South Africa.

    Nasiol Congratulates a New Discovery

    Nasiol congratulates a new discovery of Nasiol R&D Team. A new technique is found to improve new products on nanotechnology by Nasiol Laboratories. Nowadays, nanotechnology scientists are paying attention to the future technologies of nanotechnology and presenting theories related to improvements on nanotechnology. Many thinks that nanotechnology has came to an end. However, the production [...]

    Nasiol Sails in IOM Race

    Nasiol was sailed in IOM 1 meter race. Extremely distressed by heavy winds, the racers offered a visual feast with 1-meter sailing yachts.
    Competitors who won the best score in terms

    Nasiol in Tubitak Martek

    Artekya Technology, manufacturer of Nasiol Nanocoatings, presents its new location on Turkey and explain the reasons why they choose it. Have a nice watch!

    #DetailingTuesday Starts

    On January 7th Nasiol will start a new contest;   #DetailingTuesday.

    DetailingTuesday is Nasiol’s content which will run over a 6 month period. During this period, Nasiol will offer weekly prizes, monthly prizes and a grand prize.

    Nasiol HQ Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Tuzla Yelken SSK

    Nasiol signs sponsorship aggrement with Tuzla Yelken SSK on Friday, January 4th, 2019.

    Nasiol CMO and Okan Hacıfazlıoğlu, representative of Tuzla Yelken SSK and  signed the aggrement in the name of Nasiol HQ.

    Welcome 2019!

    Nasiol wishes you a happy new year with love, peace and joy.

    We wish the new year brings you best of everything with your loved ones.

    Nasiol Anti-Bacterial Nano Coating Process

    Works are being sustained on the antibacterial formulations, end yield is already obtained. The product will be released soon to the entire world market.

    Christmas excitement

    Christmas excitement has surrounded the Nasiol family. The freshest news and projects of 2018 will be announced soon. Keep following and enjoy the New Year’s countdown.

    The most recognizable product

    The most recognizable product of our entire history, NL272, has been released. It comes to the forefront mainly due to the strong scratch durability, even more so than 9H hardness, and its long-term life-span of up to 5 years in normal conditions.

    Nasiol is enlarging

    Nasiol is enlarging the market in the Ukraine. One more official reseller has joined the family, started to build a great structure and distribution network.

    The 4th biggest R&D

    The 4th biggest R&D and Industrial Reunion of TUBITAK was held on 06.10.2017 and the following 3-day period. The exhibition was held at the SANTEK National Industry and Technology Fair in the Kocaeli region.

    Detailing World Competition

    Detailing world competition for a 75% discount on the newly released Nasiol Full Package Car Care Kit. Detailers will no longer need any additional products apart from this kit bag.

    Nasiol Vietnam

    Nasiol Vietnam is on the way of forming a foundation. Both sides have come to an agreement for exclusivity and the office is at the stage of preparation by now.

    Newly Generated Alternative

    Newly generated alternative ways for product industrialization are being implemented. There are limited complaints and multiple requests for several of the powerful product ranges of Nasiol,

    Amazon Sales

    Amazon sales are increasing day by day. Hundreds of people are realizing the ultimate features of the Nasiol range every single day.

    5% Marketing Support for Whole Exclusive Agents

    Nasiol supports Nasiol Exclusive Agents with marketing support. The conditions will be announced further days.

    OEM seem as including a huge treasure inside

    The biggest facility for the companies to represent NASIOL under their own brand by using the highest quality products with the limitless bulk size supply options

    Nasiol Vietnam Has Established

    Nasiol Vietnam has established. You can now order our retail and bulk nano products from exclusive distributor of Nasiol in Vietnam.

    Great investments on Nasiol Anti-Graffiti

    reat investments from Nasiol Hungary. Complaints in the market about graffiti have dramatically decreased. Nasiol Anti-GRM is a solution for anti-graffiti users.

    R&D Engineers are sustaining the work on Anti-Fog production

    The members of NASIOL R&D department announced lounching over the Anti-Fog products will be highly demanded considering the future needs on car/vehicle bodies.

    Amazon E-Shop Activation

    Amazon activation has been initiated, direct sales to America are available on

    The third month collaboration of NASIOL Iraq exclusivity

    The IRAQI office is really doing well since the first date of foundation. Mr. Mohamed Altimimi has already exceeded the minimum amount decided by GDP of the territory. Here are the pics from order loading to transportation vehicles.

    Buy, Sell and enjoy the profit with the widest range

    New product extensions are accumulating to the market, there will be a very big opportunity on e-commerce and online sales.

    Happy Ramadan to all Muslims

    NASIOL congrats the Ramadan Eid Mubarak of all Muslims and wishes passing the best times with their relatives and neighbours. The company also will be in holiday so your messages to [email protected] will be replied as the earliest time after vacation.

    The UK visitation from the NASIOL headquarters

    Nasiol HQ has started to discover UK and Europe for the establishment of European Coordination Center.

    Anti-GRM is spreading to every corner of the world

    People of the entire world sending many inquiries on Anti-Graffitti treatments allowing the highest demands in industrial basis.


    The great visitation from the IRAQ distributor Mohammed Altimimi in the new center of NASIOL locating at the biggest R&D foundation of Turkey, TUBITAK.

    Spain Exclusive Distributorship Visits Nasiol HQ in TUBITAK

    The entertainment is started with general company representation followed by traditional Turkish food at lunch time and ended with the contract signatures.