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    #DetailingTuesday Starts

    On January 7th Nasiol will start a new contest;   #DetailingTuesday.

    DetailingTuesday is Nasiol’s content which will run over a 6 month period. During this period, Nasiol will offer weekly prizes, monthly prizes and a grand prize.

    Nasiol HQ Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Tuzla Yelken SSK

    Nasiol signs sponsorship aggrement with Tuzla Yelken SSK on Friday, January 4th, 2019.

    Nasiol CMO and Okan Hacıfazlıoğlu, representative of Tuzla Yelken SSK and  signed the aggrement in the name of Nasiol HQ.

    Welcome 2019!

    Nasiol wishes you a happy new year with love, peace and joy.

    We wish the new year brings you best of everything with your loved ones.

    Nasiol Anti-Bacterial Nano Coating Process

    Works are being sustained on the antibacterial formulations, end yield is already obtained. The product will be released soon to the entire world market.

    Christmas excitement

    Christmas excitement has surrounded the Nasiol family. The freshest news and projects of 2018 will be announced soon. Keep following and enjoy the New Year’s countdown.

    The most recognizable product

    The most recognizable product of our entire history, NL272, has been released. It comes to the forefront mainly due to the strong scratch durability, even more so than 9H hardness, and its long-term life-span of up to 5 years in normal conditions.