How to Keep Your Home Clean in the Coronavirus Era?

Over the past month, it has become the norm to hear about what is happening with the infamous Covid-19 (Coronavirus). These days our daily routines at home and work have turned upside down because of this potentially lethal disease.

Even though containing the virus seems simple enough through adequate cleaning, it is worthwhile to follow few tips to guide the rest of us on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus at a place where the majority of our time spent. At home!

Home Sweet (Hopefully Clean) Home

When was the last time you honestly thoroughly cleaned your home? Not talking about blowing the dust off the tv stand and pretend like all is good, you do realize that dust is now on the carpet invisible to the naked eye. We are talking about deep cleaning where not a single microbe can dare to survive.

These days Covid-19 is running rampant in our communities; we need to take the cleaning subject bit more seriously, spend more time and effort to shield our fortress from invading forces. No matter the location, the age, or the size of your home is, Covid-19 will indeed find a beautiful cozy, yet dirty, place at your home to become your dangerous roommate.

Touch Once, Clean Twice

Even at these elevated risk days, cleaning your home does not require special equipment or skills, all you need is time, which most of us do have plenty of it these days since most quarantined at home—also, few cleaning products and some good tunes in the background to energize us to start cleaning.

There are some rooms on our house that we spend more time in than others, however, don’t let this notion fool you into thinking that you only need to clean the rooms that you spend the most time.

Steps to Effective Cleaning

Safety First

Protect yourself against harmful cleaning chemicals by wearing gloves, goggles, and headwear. The Covid-19 virus can linger around the house for a few days, so protect your body against potential contamination.

Choose the Correct Cleaning Agent

Stay away from misinformation circulating the internet. There are many suggestions and recommendations on how to kill the virus; however, according to CDC and other health professionals, alcohol alone does not kill Coronavirus. Using the mixture of household bleach and water will do wonders in killing the virus. If you are unable to find just the bleach, find a product that is bleach base to disinfect.

Disinfect Everything

Don’t assume if the surface may or may not be contaminated. Thoroughly clean the surfaces of your home, from the refrigerator door handle to tv remote control, with appropriate cleaning agents to kill the Covid-19 virus.

Preventing Future Germs Visitors

There are several methods of preventing the surfaces of your living space from being invaded by illness-causing microbes. One approach that has gained fame over the years is the usage of nanotechnology-based products in everyday household cleaning. Cleaning and germ prevention products have the same appearance as any other cleaning agent, but what separates the two is the technology used to make them.

The other promising process of preventing microbes from clinging and surviving on the surface is with the use of antimicrobial coatings. As being one of the five nanocoating manufacturers, Nasiol’s Research & Development have been working and testing on new potent ways for antimicrobial formulas to kill and prevent the spread of germs causing viruses.

Form a New Habit

You’ve heard of this dozens of times today; however, experts tell us that washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds will help to kill the potential Covid-19 germs crawling around your skin.

Start a new productive habit by setting a timer on your phone to remind you to wash your hands. Do this every two hours, and before you know it, you will form a new healthy habit that will prevent the Coronavirus from causing harm to you or your loved ones.

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