How to Maintain Ceramic Coating? - The Ultimate Guide

As most of you know, car ceramic coating application provides resistance to scratches, high level of water repellency, and its ability to deter dirt, dust, and prevent staining from elements of nature such as bird droppings.

The reason behind applying an automotive ceramic coating is to protect the vehicle's underlying paint from damage and to age earlier than it should.


What is Ceramic Coating?

Applying Nano Ceramic coating with Nasiol ZR53Scratches and bird droppings are not the only enemies for the paint of an automobile.

UV rays, especially in areas of the world where there is a substantial amount of sun and heat, can cause the color to fade much sooner than originally intended.

Unlike traditional waxes, nano ceramic coatings can ward off any potential threat that can come from sun rays and other elements of nature.

Speaking of nature,

just because the area you live in does not receive a ton of sunlight, this does not mean that your vehicle is safe from the elements of nature.

In areas where the winters tend to be harsh and receive a significant amount of snow and ice, the immediate damaging effect you will see will be far higher on your vehicle's surface.

Scraping snow off from your car with a snow scraper, for example, is one of the easiest ways of adding a scratch to your vehicle.

Another enemy of cars in areas where the winters are heavy is the road salt used to melt the snow from the roads and highways.

Over time, the more prolonged exposure of the autobody to road salt can cause significant havoc and corrosion.

Nano ceramic coatings are designed to form a thin layer on top of the clear coat to prevent any harmful elements from reaching the paint.

When applying, car ceramic coatings need more attention to detail than your traditional wax.

Because nano ceramic coatings work fast and form a hardened layer on top of the clear coating, if you miscalculate and do not follow the steps when applying a ceramic coating, you may need to do some extra work to remedy the situation.

Car Ceramic Coating Cost

Choosing to apply ceramic coating to your vehicle does come with a cost.

Ceramic coatings do tend to cost more than your traditional wax because of the technology involved to produce these formulas to make them stay longer on the surface.

With the conventional wax, the protection is minimal, and the surface needs to be retreated with the wax after about four weeks.

In contrast,

Nano ceramic coating like Nasiol’s ZR53, can protect the surface for up to 3 years with minimal care.

On average, nano ceramic coating like ZR53 costs around $100 just for the product itself.

Suppose you are taking your vehicle to a car detailing and ceramic coating center to have the professionals work on your car. In that case, this could increase the cost to around $500 or more.

Regardless of whether you are performing the nano ceramic coating application at home on your own or are taking it to a professional, for the ceramic coating treatment to work correctly, there needs to be pre-treatment work that needs to occur.

Please remember that the reason why ceramic coating is applied to the body of a vehicle is to prevent future harm from occurring and not fix the deterioration that occurred previously.

So, before a car ceramic coating application can happen, you must remove the existing scratches by using a cutting compound. This cutting compound, like Nasiol’s CleaRub 305, works to smooth the layer where the existing scratches are using a buffing machine.

Suppose you have not used a buffing machine before we strongly advise you to have this portion to be done by a trained detailer.

If you have no previous experience using a buffing machine, you could be doing more harm than good and potentially cause significant damage to the clear coating and the paint of the vehicle.

Once the buffing process is completed and you are confident that the surface is clear of pre-existing scratches, final pre-cleaning of the surface can occur with Nasiol’s Clean to remove excessive dirt and dust off from the surface to get it ready for the ceramic application. This solution ensures that no dust particles or other remnants from the buffing process remain on the surface.

How to Maintain Car Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings do need minimal maintenance to perform their best.

Because of the time, effort, and money you spend on treating the surface of your vehicle with a ceramic coating application, properly maintaining the treatment will ensure you get your money worth.

To maintain the ceramic coating applied, there are few things to be aware of after applying to get the most of the product.

Even though ceramic coating solutions like ZR53 or NL272 are designed to prevent the collection of dirt and dust, you still need to wash your car now and then.

Washing the surface manually on your own is recommended. If you need to take it to a car wash station, using a brushless car wash would be ideal.

The car wash stations that use dense, rigid brushes have the capability of stripping the ceramic coating over time.

Since nano ceramic coatings like ZR53 and NL272 are designed to make the cleaning process easy, you do not need to obsess over how often to clean your vehicle.

When washing, make sure to use a good quality car soap like Nasiol Cleanion, which will not only do the general cleaning but also remove pesky stains.

Once the washing is complete, dry the surface immediately with a microfiber cloth.

Suppose it has been over a year since ceramic coating was applied, depending on the coating condition you can re-coat the surface with something like MetalCoat F2 sprayable ceramic coating treatment to keep the existing coating fresh.

Typical nano layer-based ceramic coatings, like ZR53, should provide you about three years of protection. However, this depends on how well you’ve maintained the coating in the meantime.

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  1. Peter DeBlois says:

    Now on my second car coated with Nasiol and I can’t say enough good things about the product.
    It takes me no longer than 40 minutes to rinse, soap, mitt, rinse and dry the car with a blower.
    When I’m done the car looks like it just came off the assembly line.

    I traded in the first car I coated with Nasiol and I’m sure I got a lot more money on my trade in because of the condition of the paint.
    The sales manager actually thought I was trading in a a 1 year old car when it was actually 4 years old. He told me he had been in the car business 23 years and had never seen a car’s paint in such good condition even with 100,000 kms.
    Of course I had to tell him all about Nasiol as he was not familiar with Nano coatings.
    He was very impressed.
    I am a customer for life......I won’t even try a competitor’s product.
    Thanks for your hard work and stay safe and healthy!

    1. Nasiol Expert says:

      Peter, thank you so much for those kind comments. We are delighted to exceed your expectations. Thank you for your business. What type of vehicle did you use our product on?

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