What is Nano Car Paint Protection and How It Works?

We live in a world of hazards and pollutions.

Day by day population increases, environmental defects upraise, and as human beings we are influenced negatively.

Why don’t we say stop this movement of mother nature?

We cannot say because it is stronger than all mankind. We only prepare ourselves and try to protect our products such as cars, engines, and textiles against these hazards.

But how can we achieve full protection? Car paint protection is the most suitable answer to this question assuring high quality nano technologic products.


After you wake up in the morning every day, you are willing to see your car in shiny and vibrant colors when you look out of the window.

Beginning from the first date you met with your car, you do not let it be contaminated and scratched.

Even you obtain internal cleaning of your car very well, you cannot stop external effects with same performance apart from praying.

With its highly qualified product features and material characteristics, Nasiol nano coating products offer you strong protection of your car surface and paint from all external hazards such as dirt, stain, dust, and scratches.

car paint protection

Throughout history, paint protection is always a problematic issue in all industrial applications and areas.

Hence the paint application is special for the outer surface of a fabric, protection of the paint would be the first movement in the case of surface protection.

Concerning nano car paint protection, there are so many methods and these methods may be confusing.

In order to prohibit the confusion, we will write all the details about nano car paint protection in this post.

Past versus The FUTURE!

As a new trend, nano car paint protection spreads nanotechnology on every car surface to prevent damages that stem from environmental impacts.

To begin with, the methods used in car paint protection, the first method used in protection was waxing.

In the past, paste waxes are used because they offered good results but in the next years, manufacturers preferred liquid and paste versions of the same wax formulation.

In wax type traditional applications main rule was to apply product in little amounts because there was a huge risk of drain formation on the surface of the painted area.

However, high tech nanocoatings of Nasiol are more liquefied with easy applicability ensures less drain formation.

Also, layer thickness in wax applications is 10 and 15 µm whereas it is in the range of 0.10 – 0.15 µm in Nasiol nanocoatings which are more transparent, more water repellent, and less hazardous to the painted surface.


On the table above, nanotechnology is compared with other types of methods through emphasized characters.

As it can be seen from the table, almost every aspect of nanotechnology provides a better profile.

What are Advances of Protection?

Nanotechnology provides many advantages such that nanocoatings fill the surface better and make the bond stronger than other products.

Thus, this technological improvement provides long-life protection against dirt such as bird droppings, dust, and muds.

Also, nanocoatings prevent the surface of the car from UV rays and are durable against temperature differences caused by weather or car engine.

The temperature resistance of nano surface coatings which is up to 400⁰C decreases the possibility of facing problems about the car’s shiny appearance.

car coating nano

Moreover, another crucial aspect of nanocoatings is hydrophobicity. Hydrophobicity means being afraid of water when one faces it.

Nasiol nanocoatings not only built main stones of hydrophobicity but also play a key role on distract dirt, mud, and another type of externals from the painted surface.

How Do You Earn Your Life?

Behind the visible aspects of nanotechnology, there is a crucial intangible consequence that is time-saving.

Before focusing on the time saving it is beneficial to discuss the main pathways offering guidance for it.

Firstly, repelling each external effect leads to painted surfaces being clean almost all the time.

Even if the surface gets dirty it will be easy to remove undesirable particles so one does not need to spend too much time and money on car maintenance.

Minimizing money and effort spent on cleaning bring time-saving with it.

Thus, Nasiol nanocoatings help you to reach your aims in life easily and support you in the way of reaching decent welfare.

What is Nano Car Paint Protection and How It Works?
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