How to Apply Ceramic Coating Correctly

People often ask us how to apply ceramic coating to get the maximum level of car paint protection. We already gave many tips and advice about applying nano coating products in our previous posts, but they were fragmented. In this post, we want to gather all of these pieces into one article, and create a short tutorial or action plan for all of our customers.

As an example, we will take the Nasiol product ZR53 Ceramic 9h Coating, but if you use other car nano protection products, this action plan will work just as well.

By the way, each Nasiol product comes with a detailed multi-language manual, so please do read this before using any product.

Where to Start Doing Ceramic Coating

First of all, you have to prepare a car for covering it with a nano car paint shield. It’s the most challenging and annoying part of the whole process.

  1. Find a shady place for your car. After applying the nano coating, a vehicle shouldn’t stay in the sun. This is a mandatory requirement.
  2. Thoroughly wash your car. You should wash out any contaminants such as mud, dust, bird droppings, or smashed insects.
  3. Dry your car with a clean microfiber towel which is bundled in the Nasiol car paint protection product.


Scratch Removal

If you want to apply the ceramic coating layer perfectly, you should get rid of any hints of scratches and bumps. A special detailed clay will help you to deal with this. Also, it helps to remove any last tiny particles of the dirt.

The Magic Moment of Applying Ceramic Coating

It’s the moment we have prepared for. Before starting to apply you should necessarily put on protective gloves; don’t neglect this recommendation.

  1. Pour Nasiol ZR53 on the application pad and apply it to the surface by criss-cross technique. Using a special pad, you should spread nano coating evenly on the element. As always, we say: “Don’t move to the next element until you finish the current one”.
  2. Immediately wipe the covered surface with the first microfiber cloth and take the residue of the product.
  3. After wiping with the first microfiber, buff the surface with the second
  4. Leave your car in the shade for 48 hours.
  5. Enjoy ultimate gloss of your car.

That’s all there is to it. As you can see it’s not a complicated process. You should only be attentive and patient. If you have any other questions or if something isn’t clear, please leave commentaries under this post and we will do our best to reply.

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Nasiol European Coordination Center Expanded
  1. Peter says:

    I have 3 questions……
    1) If I am unable to keep the car in shade for 48 hrs can the car be covered with a car cover?
    2) Can I multi coat with ZR53 and if so …..when?
    3) can ZR53 be used on rims?

    1. Nasiol Expert says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your questions. Our sales team will contact you soon. Best Regards,

  2. Nasiol Expert says:

    Hi Peter,

    Please find the answers to your questions below.

    1. Yes, you can cover it somehow but it better to keep the car in a garage. There should be no water contact.

    2. Just one layer of ZR53 will be enough for perfection but you can coat max 2 layers. No more. 48 hours curing time break between each layer.

    3. Yes, it can be used on the rims as well. Nasiol MF2 would be a second option.

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