Waterproof Coating for Mineral Surfaces – NASIOL Nano Coating
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  • Nano-protection of All Mineral Surfaces (Concrete, Clinker, and Stone)


    Waterproof Coating for Mineral Surfaces & Stone – Nasiol Z

    Industrial size waterproof coating for mineral surfaces is applied to protect them from environmental harmful effects, fading and fouling.

    Widely used for the protection of any and all mineral surfaces (concrete, clinker, and natural stone) from the daily grind of environmental conditions like dirt, air pollution and acid rain. Keeps surfaces as good as when freshly laid or poured. Our waterproof coating is an entirely new product meant especially for porous mineral surfaces, to protect against water and corrosion without sacrificing appearance, breathability and texture.

    Application areas: Building facades, roof tiles,concrete, walls, roofs, tilings, historical monuments and all natural stone and mineral surfaces.

    Product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)-Nasiol