13 Reasons Why we Should use Nanocoatings Instead of Waxes?

Hi All, here are the 13 reasons of why nanotechnology adaptations defeated waxes. It seems like a big number to list but not the least, can be followed by 100 reasons more.

Tape1 – Pilot

It all started with the unvisible nanocrystal particles and realizing their toughness when connected with the related substrates. Beyond the transparent characteristic, they were giving spectacular strength and shine on the top surface and by not being harmful to the paints when compared to wax damages.

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Tape2 – First Date

Once upon a time after the effects are realized in visual, there arose a need for the chemical determination. Research is initiated and the laboratories are excited with full of equipment. The formulation is repeated again and again followed by observations in practice. There were still needed lots of improvements on the best methodology and proceeding pathway in order to catch the fire of uprising trend in Nanotechnology.


Tape3 – First Baby Steps

Days are passed and followed by each other. Finally, the main characteristics and features were being able to put into the practical timeline, observations were being classified. The first effective results are obtained from the shiny appearance even at the first impression, eyes are getting blind. Crystallization was perfect and smoothness was garnishing dreams with full of self-confidence on the surface gainings. Waxes were dropping behind at the first baby steps of shiny gloss of high-tech nano solutions.


Tape4 – Logical Explanation

All the eyes were looking curious with the one unique question on minds. How?

The bonding with the car painted bodies was on the molecular level by forming a cross-linked covalent bond. Electrons between the bound lines were flashing in a sudden by tackling heads on with the Great Sun itself. This was the effectivity where the waxes were never been able to carry us.

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Tape5 – Waters Are Beading

As the trials go forward, one of the other aspects of nanotechnology came appear as superhydrophobicity, leading to dirt proof spontaneously. Once the water molecules are spilled through the applied bodies, they will never be able to merge into the body, just standing alone as spherical beadings.


This way, the dirt particles on the pure painted body, kept inside those bubbles and never let them remove a permanent water remarks as by laying down. This was amazing at the first time and everyone got used to it by time after a long period photo/video uploading era on every social media channel.


Tape6 – Keep coins on the bank

At the same time, the specks of dust were not finding any place to penetrate with the top paintings thanks to the protection of nano-shield layer. After a time period, the overcomes are realized for easy cleaning and time-saving at together. People were consuming no more time on cleaning their cars because of the dirt/stain repellency gainings of the corrected surface. The ability to sustain total cleaning with a low amount of water was supporting the earnings in time&money.


Keep following from that line, more episodes will be released soon…

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  1. Jon Wayne says:

    Very exciting topic!!! Good combination of the reality and epic series of creativity. Takes mind apart while reading.

    1. Nasiol Expert says:

      Thank you John for your nice comment!

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