Nasiol South Africa Opened

Nasiol HQ signed agreement with Epik Trading to start operations in South Africa.

Epik Trading is a company located in Johannesburg and founded by Richard Pike. The business focus of the company is distributing  unique, innovative and evolving products in South Africa and relevant markets. Richard Pike, was a former Chairman of BRICS Skills Development Working Group and Millennium Labour Council. Besides he is a highly experienced businessman, he is also the author of two books: “The New Divide”and “Tangled Toes and Pins and Needles“.

Nasiol HQ and Epik Trading evolve the opportunities in South Africa market together and get a point to colloborate on distribution. As a result of this interviews, Nasiol HQ decides to sign the agreement for Nasiol South Africa distributorship. Nasiol products will be in the market in May.



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  1. Jacques Du Plooy says:

    I’m interested to become a operator in the Freestate.
    Currently I do Nano cleaning and is from Bloemfontein.

    1. Nasiol Expert says:

      Hi Jacques,
      Thanks for contacting us. Our sales team will contact you soon.
      Best Regards,

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