Master Shine of Peru

When Nasiol executives were visiting South America in early March of 2020, the team received an invitation to visit one of the most popular and the largest detailing shops in Peru. Master Shine and its owner Andres Mora has been using Nasiol coating solutions, such as ZR53 and NL272, for the past several years.

Serving many customers monthly, Master Shine offers its customers only the best of the best in nanolayer ceramic coating. After having tried several different brands of nano-coating products, Master Shine found an exact formula to serve its customers in Nasiol ZR53. The Nasiol ZR53 offers excellent scratch protection, ultimate shine, extreme water repellency, and surface protection for up to 3 years.

After having had the opportunity to try and test the vast majority of nanolayer coating products on the market, Andres Mora has been amazed by the results he has seen with Nasiol. After using Nasiol the ceramic coating formulas, he and his team argues that the ZR53 has outperformed its competitors entirely, and he has been a loyal fan of Nasiol nanolayer coating solutions for the past several years.

Peru Welcomes Nasiol
Cleaning and Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

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