DetailingTuesday Contest Winner is Announced

After six months of receiving entries from our loyal followers on Instagram and Facebook, the #detailingtuesday contest has finally come to an end on August 1, 2019. The grand prize winner of the 3-day Istanbul vacation picked on a random drawing during a live feed on Instagram. The grand prize includes a round trip flight for one, sightseeing tour around Istanbul, and a dinner at a famous Nusr-Et Steakhouse.

If you are wondering what the #detailingtuesday contest was all about, here is a quick review.

The #detailingtuesday started in January and lasted until the end of June 2019. The contest required individuals to submit a photo/video where they’ve used any of the Nasiol products. The participants were then needed to share their photo/video on Instagram and/or Facebook, tag the post with #detailingtuesday hashtag, and also tag a friend.

In addition to the grand prize, the participants were also eligible to win a monthly prize, which consisted of a selection of Nasiol detailing products and kits. There were no restrictions on how many times an individual can submit a post, and no purchase of products was required to participate.

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