Are you interested in becoming a Nasiol distributor or process private labeling?

In our recent live broadcast on YouTube, our International Sales Specialist Mr. Mert explained the process of becoming a distributor in an instructional video of a step-by-step guide to distributorship and as well as to our Private Labeling opportunities. We have uploaded the recorded presentation to our YouTube page and giving you another chance to see the video.

Please contact us directly if you have additional questions about the distributorship and private labeling opportunities.

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  1. Suraj shetty says:

    I am interested in distributorship in india.

    Thank you

    1. Nasiol Expert says:

      Hi Suraj,

      Thank you for your interest in the Nasiol Distributorship program. A sales representative will get in touch with you via the email address you've provided. Thank you.

  2. Crownsford Senam Nuseadeli says:

    I am interested in your product and I want to be a distributor here in Ghana. Please kindly send me the details on what to do.
    Thank you.

  3. Nasiol Expert says:

    Hello Crownsford,

    Thanks for writing to us and interest in Nasiol dealership. One of our sales experts sent you an email regarding your inquiry. Please check your mailbox and response accordingly.

    Best regards,

  4. Leonardo Ledezma says:

    Estimados señores Nasiol.

    Requerimos muy amablemente nos puedan enviar la información del producto impermeable para tela y otras superficies, el mismo seria para la Ciudad de Santiago país de chile, para así tener la concesión en la distribución y venta de sus productos con la exclusiva que nos puedan ofrecer

    1. Nasiol Expert says:

      Hola leonardo

      Gracias por contactarnos e interés en los recubrimientos de tela Nasiol de alta tecnología. Tenemos excelentes productos para usar en telas contra el agua y la suciedad. Repele el agua y la suciedad perfectamente.

      Mire los siguientes videos para tener una idea inicial.

      Para discutir los detalles con el equipo de ventas, ¿podría proporcionarme su número de teléfono y dirección de correo electrónico?

      Espero escuchar pronto de ti.


  5. Paul Brady says:

    Good Afternoon, I currently have a company within the UK dealing with Estate management for both residential and commercial clients. I am looking to expand the business and would be interested in any opportunities for becoming a distribution centre in the UK for Nasiol. I am keen. To partner with Nasiol because of the fantastic range you. Pleas
    e do get in touch

  6. Deon Botha says:

    Good day,

    Kindly forward me details on distributorship in South Africa.


  7. Nasiol Expert says:

    Hi Deon,

    Thanks for contacting us and interest in Nasiol high-tech products. You can reach out to our SA office by the following contact details.

    South Africa
    Epik Trading
    Richard PIKE & Jenny PIKE
    e: [email protected]
    TEL: +27825559753
    TEL: +27798784487

    If you need any further assistance, please send us an email, [email protected].

    Best regards,

  8. Nasiol Expert says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for contacting us. It is great to hear you are interested in Nasiol dealership.

    Our sales team will contact you via email to give further details.

    Keep in touch.


  9. Tony Kinyanjui says:

    Hi, I run a cleaning company and we deal with Ready Mix Concrete trucks. Do you have a special product that we can use to prevent concrete from sticking to the surfaces of the trucks hence reduce maintenance cost.

  10. Nasiol Expert says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Regarding your projects, plans and concerns, the Nasiol Sales Team will get back to you on email by explaining all the details.

    Please keep in touch.


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