Nasiol TWB Water Pressure Resistance Test Results

As we come closer to the end of the year, its worth mentioning that 2019 has been an active year for the Research and Development team at Nasiol. One of the critical projects that R&D has worked on and eventually became an addition to our product line up was TWB.

TWB is explicitly for textile and fabric-based products. Its primary feature is working effectively in repelling water and oil-based liquids, thus making it easy to clean. Recent testings have proven that TWB performance was much more superior to those other similar products available in the market today.

For its superior features and its ability to repel water and oil water products, Nasiol has recently applied for TWB to be certified by TüvRheinland. As expected, TWB has passed TüvRheinland tests with success. Tests were performed on a two 100% cotton fabric with identical features and qualities. One was applied with TWB and the other had no application. The fabric that was coated with TWB was able to withstand 14,6 cm H2O of water pressure and by doing so it was able to pass TüvRheinland test with an ease.

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