nasiol new office
Artekya is Growing!

Our Nasiol brand reinforced the transformation process, which started with the logo change last year, with a completely renewed office environment.

With this process, as Artekya, we doubled the production, warehouse and office areas.

While experiencing a rapid and stable transformation process, we are growing as a team and production capacity and expanding our product portfolio.

We moved to our new office, built on an area of 890 m², designed by taking into account the needs and opinions of our company employees.

nasiol new office
nasiol new office

The design of the office building, which spreads over a wider area by using the entire floor area, comes into prominence with its double-sided staircase circulation and its accessibility. In the office, where 700 m2 of 800 m2 can be actively used by the employees, there is a 90 m2 social area and meeting rooms of different capacities and designs where employees can hold both private and business meetings.

The plant areas, which are an important point of the place, provide break areas by acting as a permeable boundary between the areas with different functions and at the same time, present a peaceful work environment.

While providing the sought-after warm environment through material and color choices, the brand identity was kept in the foreground. Opportunities are prepared for employees to use their creativity at the maximum level in a free and comfortable working place.

Artekta continues to grow in every field. We would like to thank all our business partners who are a part of this organization and its success.

nasiol new office
nasiol new office
nasiol new office

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