Nasiol Lithuania Training Session
Training Session in Lithuania

Our newest official partner representing Lithuania has recently performed an educational seminar to teach its staff the ins and outs of Nasiol products. Mr. Darius, the responsible party for Nasiol Lithuania and an expert in using Nasiol products, was the product seminar instructor.

Mr. Darius, who is well known within the Nasiol family because of the TDK Detailing in the United Kingdom, organized the seminar by first introducing the line-up of widely used detailing Nasiol products and then the session turned to hands-on training. Employees, one by one, performed cleaning and coating techniques to familiarize themselves with the products.

The training consisted of automotive detailing solutions such as CleaRub 305 & 505, cleaning formula of Cleanion Pro, car leather seat protection of LeatherBoost, and the rain repellent solution of Glasshield. Of course, Nasiol’s famous ceramic coating products of MetalCoat F2, ZR53, and NL272 were also extensively taught.

To find out more about Nasiol's operations in Lithuania, please visit their website

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