Preventing Corrosion on Statues with Nasiol MP55

One of the most noticeable symbols of freedom and expressions in society is in display with art. Statues are the most used popular form of artwork that is being in usage throughout the world for centuries. By being displayed in public for years, precious works of art expose to every imaginable condition caused by humans and by mother nature.

Nasiol has developed a formula for protecting metal works of arts, like statues. Metal statues, in particular, are prone to the build-up of corrosion and rust. Nasiol MP55 is a solution that will protect the work of the arts displayed in public by coating the surface and preventing water penetrating by repelling the liquid from the surface. Also, the elements caused by nature, such as fluctuations in temperature, dirt, and bird droppings, are blocked to cause damage to the surface.

For this application, we thank Kimmo Santamaki in Finland. We appreciate your dedication, finding solutions to unique problems, and your support for Nasiol products.

To find out more how to apply MP55 to metal surfaces in public, please contact us.


Nasiol Makes Debut on Retail Shelves in Finland

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