Nasiol South Africa is growing
South Africa Growing at a Fast Pace

Following one of the strictest Covid-19 lockdowns anywhere in the world, South African distributor, Epik Trading, reopened its business at the beginning of June after eight weeks of hard lockdown.

Fortunately, the business has been brisk since the staged reopening of the local economy, with the automotive sector recovering relatively well. Certain client dealerships recorded their best sales month ever in June after reopening.

A refocus of sales efforts to address particular challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic has also borne fruit. In this regard, the nano coating of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) with Nasiol TWB has presented a new business opportunity. A large well-known hospital is coating its glass surfaces with Nasiol C and its floors with Nasiol Z; a butchery chain is similarly using Nasiol C to nano coat its glass display counters, and in the wine industry tests are being done using Nasiol ZR53 to coat stainless steel surfaces.

In addition to the above opportunities, several new auto detailing, valet, and panel shops have been added as clients, including one of the biggest auto detailing and panel shops in South Africa. This panel shop is currently adding a dedicated ceramic coating center to its existing operations. Panel shop operations should greatly benefit the Nasiol brand in South Africa, given their respected reputation in the automotive industry, given that Nasiol is their nano ceramic coating brand of choice.

Another new area of focus is the marine sector. Trials are currently being conducted on Nasiol's Anti-Moss product in the yacht basin in Cape Town's famous Table Bay harbor. Trials are also underway with a leading inland distributor of motorized watercraft.

Through adversity, opportunity often presents itself. That has certainly been the experience in South Africa following the devastating economic impact of the pandemic. In a competitive South African market, the Nasiol product range is rapidly gaining a sound reputation for quality and reliability. Also, the business is on a good footing, has been able to forage new opportunities following the Covid-19 hard lockdown, and has a reliable, stable, and loyal client base that will undoubtedly stand it in good stead in the future.

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