Nasiol PerShine new size coming soon
New Size PerShine Coming Soon

One of the most popular products in the personal accessories category, PerShine, will soon be available in a new size. The same powerful formula designed to protect the surfaces of mobile phones, watches, jewelry, and many other personal precious items, will be available in a Mini Vial size. This new mini size aimed at individuals interested in applying PerShine onto only one or two pieces. Each of the two vials included in the package is enough to be used to protect the surface of a tablet, mobile phone, and other personal items.

Once applied, PerShine works by forming a thin layer on the applied surface to protect the items from accidental minor scratches. The new mini size PerShine also has the same great feature of protecting the surface from UV Rays. With its amazing hydrophobic feature, PerShine can repel water and many other forms of liquids from its surface, thus protecting the device against any potential liquid related damage.

The formula of the mini size is the same as the original PerShine. With its compact design, the mini PerShine will be easier to carry and store in your home, car, or backpack. The application procedure is straightforward. The package comes with two PerShine vials, and when ready to treat the surface with the coating, break open the vial and spread it on to the surface with the included microfiber cloth.

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