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With a single application, Nasiol NL272 forms a smooth single layer of hard nanoscale coating on the surface, protecting against scratches, retention of dirt and dust, and staining caused by environmental conditions, such as bird droppings.

Nasiol Nano Layer 272, with its ultra-high gloss finish, rejuvenates the original color of the surface and ensures the vehicle has an attractive look. Nasiol NL272 delivers long-lasting, unrivaled super hydrophobic traits, along with mirror-shine gloss that restores the paint and awakens the color.

WHY NL272?

  • Features High Definition Gloss (HDR).
  • Long-Lasting 10H Scratch Resistance
  • Full protection with a single layer of coating.
  • Extreme durability with protection up to 5+ years.
  • Recommended for skilled detailers.


Nasiol NL272 can be applied to painted body surfaces of vehicles, as well as hard plastic parts, headlights, taillights, and rims.


  • Nasiol NL272 has been developed for both end users and professionals.
  • Application to a mid-size car takes 60-90 minutes.
  • Ensure that the temperature and relative humidity (RH) values (+5 ̊C ~ + 30 ̊C / 41 ̊F ~ 86 ̊F / 50% RH) of the application space are as close as possible to suggested condition in order to obtain maximum product performance. If the ambient temperature or relative humidity value is higher than suggested intervals / values, the product may cure faster than expected. Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces.
  • Wash your vehicle thoroughly. If required, apply clay bar.
  • After decontamination, apply polishing / compounding with appropriate tools and silicone / wax-free cutting compounds in accordance with the physical condition of your vehicle’s surface
  • When polishing is complete, wash the vehicle and ensure that all the application areas are thoroughly dry. A compressed air gun may be used to eliminate the risk of water dripping from trims and joints.
  • Prepare the surface by using Nasiol Clean to improve the bonding performance of the nano coating. Ensure that there isn’t any residual contamination and dry the surface with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Do not work on areas larger than 1m² per session
  • Before using the product, wear the protective nitrile gloves included in the box.
  • Place a suede cloth onto the applicator block’s sponge surface. Change the suede cloth every 3-4 panels.
  • Shake the product gently before use.
  • Open the lid and pour the necessary amount of product onto the suede cloth. 4-5mL is enough for 1m² area.
  • Do not forget to keep the lid closed during the application.
  • Spread the product gently over the surface in a crisscross motion.
  • Once beading occurs (it takes 30 seconds in normal conditions), gently wipe the excess product off from the surface using the light gray Nasiol microfiber cloth in linear motions. To make the most of microfiber cloths, fold each one four times before application and do not re-use the side of the cloth you used.
  • If it is too late for the first wiping step, the product may cure on the surface, making wiping harder or even impossible. In that case, the product should be removed from the surface by polishing or sanding. After correction, the product should be re-applied properly.
  • After wiping the surface with the light gray microfiber cloth, complete the final buffing process by gently using the dark gray Nasiol microfiber cloth in circular motions.
  • Keep the coated surfaces away from direct sunlight, the elements, various types of contamination, and water exposure for 24 hours. Please wait 48 hours for the nano coating to cure and become resistant to abrasion and chemicals, before any detergent-based washing.


  • Nasiol NL272 Bottle
  • Nasiol Applicator Block
  • Nasiol Suede Cloths x5
  • Nasiol Microfiber Cloth (Dark Grey)
  • Nasiol Microfiber Cloth (Light Grey)
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Nasiol Window Sticker
  • Nasiol Metal Sticker
  • Dropper
  • User Manual

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Nasiol NL272 Specifications

Volume 50mL
Application Surfaces Painted body surfaces of vehicles, hard plastic parts, headlights, taillights, and rims
Durability Up to 5 years
Chemical Resistance 12>pH>1
Scratch Resistance
Water Repellency
Oil Repellency
Pencil Hardness 10H
Coating Thickness 800-1100nm
Consumption per Unit Area 4-5mL/m²
Consumption Small Vehicles (A-B Class) : 30-35mL
Medium Vehicles (C-D Class) : 35-40mL
Large Vehicles (E Class & SUV) : 40-50mL
Temperature Durability 150°C
Application Temperature 5°C-30°C
Curing Period 6 hours to touch,
24 hours for water contact,
48 hours for detergent-based washing and chemical resistance
Storage Conditions -3°C to +30°C
Shelf Life 2 years without opening the bottle,
1 week after opening the bottle
Quantity/Parcel 5 pieces


What is Nasiol NL272? What are its benefits?

Nasiol NL272 is a nano-coating product that is developed for the protection of vehicle surfaces and paintwork. It forms a smooth nano-coating layer on treated surfaces, which offers protection against environmental factors, chemicals and minor scratches. NL272 provides the surface of your vehicle with unrivaled durability and deep gloss that last for many years.

Why should I apply ceramic coating to my vehicle?

Nasiol NL272 provides the treated surface with water and oil repellency and allows for the easy cleaning of tough stains such as bird droppings and road salt residue. It protects the color of the vehicle paint by providing UV protection. It can provide up to 5 years of protection.

What surfaces can it be applied to? Can it be applied over PPF (Paint Protection Film), foil, etc.?

You can apply the product to the lacquered and painted parts of your vehicle’s body, as well as black plastic trims, hood, front and rear lighting systems, and wheel rims. NL272 cannot be applied over films and coatings such as PPF.

What types of vehicles can NL272 be applied to?

Nasiol NL272’s field of application depends on the type of the surface, rather than the vehicle type. You can apply NL272 to the lacquered and painted parts of your vehicle’s body, as well as black plastic trims, hood, front and rear lighting systems, and wheel rims.

Is it applied to a new vehicle, or a used one? Can it be applied on fresh paint?

Nasiol NL272 can be used on new or used vehicle surfaces so long as the necessary pre-application preparations are made. In the instructions of use, it is stated that the product should not be applied to freshly painted surfaces. The reason behind this advice is the fact that the product bonds with well-dried paint much more effectively. For optimum performance, it is advised to apply NL272 about 3-4 months after the latest paint application.

What is the correct application method?

To apply the product correctly, please read the instruction manual carefully. Please follow the application tips and advice included in the manual.

What should I do once the product cures on the surface?

If the product is applied incorrectly without taking the instructions into account, it can only be removed from the surface using cutting compounds or sanding.

Will NL272 be enough to cover my car?

One pack of NL272 should be enough to fully cover your vehicle. You can find the estimated amounts of consumption for various vehicles below:

Small Vehicle: 30-35 ml
Standard Vehicle: 35-40 ml
Large Vehicle: 40-50 ml

What should I do before application?

The surface should be prepared appropriately before ceramic coating applications so that the solution can provide the desired performance. A surface that is covered in dust, dirt and fine particles prevents the ceramic coating solution from fully sticking to the paint. This is why it should be thoroughly cleaned. You can learn more about the detailed steps of pre-application procedures in our article titled How to Prep for Ceramic Coating? – Ultimate Guide.

I applied the product incorrectly; what will happen now? What should I do?

If the product is applied incorrectly without taking the instructions into account, it can only be removed from the surface using cutting compounds or sanding.

How many layers should I apply? Will it be more effective if I apply multiple coats?

Once you have applied Nasiol NL272 correctly, there is no need to apply extra layers. As the vehicle surface will already be covered by NL272, there will not be an appropriate surface for a second layer to bond to.

Can polishes or other protective solutions be applied over the ceramic coating?

Nasiol NL272 is already developed to provide maximum protection and gloss. If you still wish to apply other products, you may occasionally use products such as fast polish, paint protection solutions, etc.

Which tests has the product passed, is it certified?

We hold toxicity certificates and MSDS documents confirming that our products do not harm human health or the environment. The product also has REACH, ISO and Volkswagen TL211 certificates (confirming resistance to various chemical compounds).

How long is the product’s shelf life? How long after opening the bottle should I finish the product? What are the recommended storage conditions?

An unopened bottle of NL272 can safely be stored for a year under the recommended storage conditions. Once the product has been opened and partly used, the bottle should be kept shut tightly and the remaining product should be used in a week. For the ideal storage, the ambient temperature should be between -3°C and +30°C.

How is it different from other ceramic coatings?

What makes Nasiol NL272 the top product in terms of efficiency and durability is the fact that it is engineered through completely different processes of synthesis and production. This ensures superior scratch resistance and improves the scope of the protection it offers compared to other coatings.

How is NL272 different from ZR53 and MF2?

Nasiol NL272, Nasiol ZR53 and MetalCoat F2 are all vehicle paint protection products. MetalCoat F2 offers ease of use with its spray bottle and remains durable up to a year. Nasiol ZR53 remains effective for up to 3 years, and Nasiol NL272 up to 5 years. NL272 offers maximum scratch resistance.

Is NL272 hazardous to human health? Will it cause harm in case of contact with skin?

We hold toxicity certificates and MSDS documents confirming that our products are harmless to the environment and human health. You can examine these documents by contacting our sales team. The use of protective gloves is recommended during application. In case of contact with skin, wash your skin immediately with soap and plenty of water. Upon contact with skin, remove all contaminated clothing and wash promptly with plenty of water. Should irritation remain after washing the affected area, seek medical help. Do not drink the product.

How can I purchase the product?

You can purchase the product through our official online store ekspermarket.com, or by reaching us via email or phone:
[email protected], +90 212 670 13 95

Where can I obtain price information?

You can obtain detailed information about the product through our official online store ekspermarket.com, or by reaching us via email or phone:
[email protected], +90 212 670 13 95

What items are included in the box?

Nasiol NL272 50 ml, Loyalty Card, Application Pads (3 pieces), Microfiber Cloth (2 pieces), Protective Gloves (2 pieces), Nasiol Vehicle Sticker, Application Manual.

Can I create my own private label using this product?

You can benefit from our private labeling model for the unbranded Nasiol NL272, creating your own brand by choosing from the many options we offer you in the catalog we have prepared for this purpose.

How many microns is one layer of NL272 on the surface of a vehicle?

When applied correctly, the thickness of a cured layer of ceramic coating is between 0,8 - 1,1 μm.

Will I need to use special care products after applying NL272?

Nasiol NL272 is already developed to provide maximum protection and gloss. Optionally, you can apply products that are manufactured for this purpose, without interfering with the structure of the ceramic coating. You can also find some tips on this link:


What points should I be aware of after applying the product?

You can opt for brushless car washes, and ensure that you are using high-quality car shampoos. Washing the vehicle with the recommended Nasiol car shampoo will improve the performance of the ceramic coating. Wash your vehicle as few times as possible, and only when it is necessary. Make sure that the cloth you use for drying your vehicle has a soft and gentle texture.

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byCarlos Chu onNL272

This is crazy product. marvellous nano coating ever seen. thx to its creators. cheers.

byScott's Automotive Detailing Services onNL272
Just an amazing product!!!

I am currently a Nasiol Canada applicator here in Canada. I love the products and am using the all the Car Care products here in my shop as the premium brand offered. please check out our Facebook page "Scott's Automotive Detailing Services" to check out our coatings, Videos and photos of ZR53 and NL272 finished projects.

bySergio Pousa onNL272

Hello, I am a Nasiol applicator in Argentina. our fan page is https://www.facebook.com/autodetailarg/ we have a large following public (150,000 likes) and branches in Argentina, Spain and Paraguay. We would need detailed information on the car care products as well as everything related to the application of the same, with all the suggestions that could be made. Many thanks

byRiccardo CASTIGLION onNL272

Breathtaking unique. Ive never seen such a strong product. Like a steel armour. Unique bottle and box design makes it easy to apply. Minimasing the holograms itself. Lil costly but deserves. Thx who develop such super tech things.

byHamad onNL272

I need to know how much the price of NASIOL NL272 NANO LAYER CERAMIC COATING


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